Monday, 26 January 2015

My TOP 20 German Hits

Hi guys,

I've already let you know, what my Top 20 Country Hits are and as I've grown up speaking bilingual (German and Czech) I though to let you know as well my fav' Top 20 German hits:

Andreas Bourani "Auf Uns"

This was the official football hymn of the WM '14 - which wasn't wrote for that BUT it's really a kinda "keep it up" positive mood makin' song!;)

Andreas Bourani "Hey" (acoustic version)

This song really helps everyone of us (I'm sure!) - if it seems like I could not see happyness and a luck in my life again - this song helps to keep fighting me through hard times!

This is typical Cro;)! I love this romantical sunny summer spirit song - which is now almost 2 years old - reminds me strongly on Palma;)!

Marteria "Kids"

The kinda German Bronx Song - I love this funky, hip hop style song - cool vibes

Tim Bendzko feat. Cassandra Steen "Unter die Haut"

Deep lyrics, quality and chill out feeling

Tim Bendzko "Sag einfach Ja"

100% true, pure, love song

This groovy, cool vibes song is perfect for each afternoon after long work or a busy day!

Mark Forster "Zu Dir (Weit Weg)"

Song about travelling without the one person you really 100% love!

Silbermond "Das Beste"

Another great love song;) (I'm REALLY such a romantic girl;))

Söhne Mannheims "Gesucht & Gefunden"

Just great to be said!;)

Annett Louisan "Dein Ding"

German-Western Love song - a bit strange BUT honestly pure emotional;)!

NENA "Zaubertrick"

Rock, Funk, typical good old Nena sound!;)

About her life, about her feelings about NENA!

 Helene Fischer "Auf der Suche nach mir"

A song about how to find yourself at the end!

Helene Fischer "Marathon"

Just about the one love of almost each girl - chocolate;)

Helene Fischer "Unser Tag"

The perfect date song!;)

Wolfgang Petry "Du Bist Ein Wunder"

I know, I know guys - this isn't maybe each music taste BUT I love this old song;)!

Marianne Rosenberg "Ich bin wie du"

Great 70s romantic song for soulmates!;)

Die Toten Hosen "Tage wie diese"

A great party song as well for meet up with good friends!;)

Sarah Connor "Keiner ist wie Du"

A sad love song about a person you've trusted, loved or felt in love

What are your fav' german Top 20s?! If you're a German or speaking German let me know, which are your fav' ones!;)


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