Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Hi guys,

I know, I know some of you won't like this post (due to, that's realy calfskin/leather!) BUT I'm not having a problem wearing leather backpacks, luggages or handbags - in fact, leather accessoires and fashion has been made since the beginning of fashion and I don't have a problem (if it's made legal!).

BUT This post shouldn't be talking about what I'm or what you're thinking of real leather/calfskin leather fashion - IT SHOULD BE about this awesome plain white backpack from Madeleine - which is this season really an IT-Item like Cara shows us:

(Photo Credits: Madeleine/bbpr)

It's an modern high-end fashion accessoires, which totally let me think about pure white sand beach walks in Ibiza or even Maledives and also suits perfectly for some afternoon tea at The Plaza in NYC!;)

Madeleine's White real calfskin backpack with 2 shoulder straps and retaining bracket (249.90 €) :

(Photo Credit: Madeleine)
(Photo Credit: Madeleine)
(Photo Credit: Madeleine)

It's another great item from the whole amazing Madeleine Col. '15!;) Don't forget to check out their official page (HERE)!;)

Have a great Wednesday guys!;)

(non-paid PR post)

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