Friday, 16 January 2015


Hi guys,

I've been recently thinking about uploading each month a kinda "Lifestyle Favorites" post - which will include (food, beauty, music, fashion, etc.) products/items and things I just currently love and would like to introduce to you!;)

As my natural nail condition and length is extremely shocking - I'm VERY glad, that such amazing brands like Kiss have created such amazing short length nails, which looks completely natural and real!;)

Chia seeds (well known by healthy foodie bloggers/persons already) are my fav' dessert/snack since December 2014 and will continue to be - as they are extremely filling and highly healthy (like the aztecs already known hundreds of years ago). These are from the Australian brand The Chia Co and pretty delicious as Coco Chia Pudding!;)

Like the good old Czech Albert Supermarket magazine - I've found in the UK the perfect similar high-end free food/supermarket magazine with coupons and sometimes freebies too! (Morrisons)

  Black Tea Chai (20 sachets, 40g)

As a tealover (own already a bigger collection than maybe hotels offers;)) I'm always interested to try out new tastes of tea and this Black Tea Chai by the English Tea Shop is not just spicy (like regular Chai teas) but as well a bit fruity and herbal - a perfect cup of tea to just mention!;)

To be honest I'm like a native cowgirl/american - I'm chewing chews since a child and EVERYWHERE (in the past at school hours as well - which left me highly concentrated guys!;)) as well I'm trying out always new gums and this month I've chewed out about 8 packs! (well I hope I'm not the only one;)). Wrigley's is one of my fav' brands BUT my alltime fav' are Extra's Dessert Delights (which are as well by Wrigley's;))

What are your monthly favorites - did you've tried out some of my favorites already too?!

Have a great and sunny Fruitday/Friday;)!


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