Tuesday, 20 January 2015

BIK BOK - 1st store in Austria/Vienna opens March '15

Hi guys,

maybe if you're from the UK, US or even Sweden or Norway (where Bik Bok Fashion has its origin back in 1973, where this label started by two Norwegians) you aren't surprised that another store will open the doors BUT if you're living in Austria you'll be surprised as the 1st Bik Bok Store will open this march '15 the doors!;)

 (Photo Credit: Bik Bok)

Well I've already been browsing through their official Bik Bok website and online shop (HERE) and I kinda like this fresh, modern, feminine and timeless fashion brand - it is totally a store, where I could imagine to buy something too!;)

  (Photo Credit: Bik Bok)

The brand itself shows a young fashion-conscious and trendy as well as self-confident women who always want to be a 100% fashionista!;) Their collections are inspired by the most famous catwalks as well as the minimalistic scandinavian fashion style.

  (Photo Credit: Bik Bok)

203 BikBok stores can be found currently in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark as well as online (HERE).

Here's their latest vid' with Lene Orvik:

You can also follow BikBok on Facebook / Youtube / Instagram

Did you've ever heard about this fresh norwegian fashion label BikBok yet ?! 

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