Monday, 12 January 2015

2015.....Year of Work, Travel, HAPPINESS

Dear ma' lovely reader,

it's the 12th of January '15 - 12 days of 365 already been done - are YOUR history, YOU can't wait any second of your life for "what if something happen" - START YOUR LIFE - every step is WORTH to try!;)

 (Lovely and breathtaking 1st January '15 firework in Prague this year!)

I'll NOT let you know, what goals I've put on my list to do this year (Year '15) BUT I'll let you know, that I'm workin' still further on my self-confidence and my dreams!;)

What I've learned last year due to a LOT of travelling by myself - YES I've traveled a lot alone, that's quite normal if your fam' is busy, you're single, your friends don't won't or haven't time/money etc..

 (....and that's true! I know - Grateful not Greatful wooooops;))

BUT it was the BEST decision I've made to grow mentally (hopefully;)) and to escape sooo many great places on earth, which are unique as we are and which are definitely worth to see! In fact, I'm much braver than before (I wasn't shy BUT I wasn't so brave like now!).

I'm much more calm in situations like: the plane/train/car/bus doesn't arrive and there are no more connections for today - what would I do:  well back than I would start to cry and fall in panic and react like a 4 year old toodler BUT nowadays I would sit on my luggage (trolley) in a waiting room or if there wouldn't be a waiting room I would check the nearest accommodation for the night (which hopefully isn't too expensive - as I'm not a millionaire;)) and just wait for the next connection tomorrow;)! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE GUYS - YOU'LL SEE!

(thank you sis' for this luck pig!;))

This year should continue the line I've began a LONG time ago (not in 2014) - I'm having already a list of all my goals, dreams and places to travel since my early teenage years! That shouldn't build up a panic in you (if you've not done that so) - as it's by everyone individual.

There are persons who don't know what they would like to be, would like to do or what they should do and there are persons who plan everything (which I'm honestly NOT!) as well as there are persons (like me;)) who have plans, goals and dreams they will fight for, work hard for to continue and build them up BUT as well who are in some life situations spontaneous and adventurous!;)

 (1st selfie of moi;) t'day in Brighton;))

I won't write a LONG story (which I've already done aaaaaagain - well I'm VERY sorry! BUT you already know me;)) about what person I am, what I will continue/build up/do this year or what you could think about what I'm planning for this year here on my blog or what my dreams/goals are officially - I just wanted to let you know, that I am optimistic (yeah sometimes I've my fears - who don't have them?!;)) and exciting looking forward what 2015 will bring (hopefully Mr. Right, LOTS of fun, HAPPYNESS aaaaaaand HARD WORK!;)).

(Special Thanks for this luck leave plant from Eva-Maria/Nivea PR;))

Wish you all a great year 2015 and hope to see you more here on my bloggin' space;)!


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