Saturday, 31 January 2015


Hi guys,

the spring isn't far away (honestly THAT'S what I'm telling myself almost each day - as I'm not really the winter season type more spring/summer and I was born in April - which means I'm definitely a Spring Bunny;)). Anyway Bik Bok has incredibly gorgeous pastel shades in their latest spring collection and I'd like to show you some of the most gorgeous one:

1. "Romantic Spring Moment" Outfit:
(Photo Credits: Bik Bok)

Top 19.95 € & High Waisted Skinny Jeans 29.95 €

Fresh, playful pastel blouses combinated with high-waist skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans creates a lovely light spring outfit perfect for school, work, weekend trips to awesome places or for a day out with your nearest persons!;)

 (Photo Credit: Bik Bok)

 Backpack 39.95 €

For all of your who needs a new school bag or backpack for travelling - these one from the Bik Bok spring collection comes in a lovely cream ivory shade - the perfect one for this season!;)

2nd "Pastel Creativity" Outfit:

(Photo Credits: Bik Bok)

Tiger Blouse 32.95 € & Boyfriend Softy Jeans 64.95€ 

I'm a fan of fresh grown flowers (especially pink roses and orange flowers;)), hunting for some easter eggs in the garden, celebrating easter, enjoy mother nature - as every spring means a new birth (no matter whether real birth or your own new me!;)).

Bik Bok is worth to visit on their own official page or in store officially!;)

(non-paid PR post)


Hi guys,

I though as the last days were pretty busy, stressful, painful (due to my right foot with two giant healing blisters - after I've burnt myself almost 1 and half week ago with hot tea water;)) and I'm using some new and recent fav' body/face care products - I though to show you my full (daily) used products in my current hotel shower room!;)

Starting with washing my face (removing makeup with this baby oil - made already a review about this multi-useable oil here) and continue with a good, refreshing after Pineapple Enzyme pore purifying hawaiian facial cleanser by alba Botanica - If you really know me - you know that everything with Pineapple is HEAVEN;)!

If I'm removing my daily makeup or a heavy eye-makeup I usually prefer to use facial cleansing wipes (St. Ives Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes for Normal & Combination Skin are my current fav'!) after that I'm ALWAYS moisturizing my face with a good facial moisturizer. In the morning I prefer a refreshing, oil-free and oil-absorbing (t-zone!) face cream/moisturizer, which is for example the visible clear pink grapefruit by Neutrogena - which I've used during my teen years as well!;) 

For my evening/night routine I'm using the last month the pure nuff stuff cream dream rose & vanilla, which is just like whipped yummy smelling cream for your face!;) After I've applied my day/night cream I'm also pampering my under eye (also called the dark circle area;)) with a good hydrating eye cream - this one is by Skin Blossom called Reviving Eye Cream.

I hate waxing, epilate, that's the reason why I've used always a hair removal cream or lady shavers for my legs (well as I don't have many and really light hair I don't need to shave very often as well as not my upper leg area) and my axle area and as I'm travelling a lot - especially during the last months I've found that having such a pack of Wilkinson Sword Extra2 Beauty shavers is better than to care with me my heavy metallic shaver!

I'm ABSOLUTELY more the bath tub girl - don't really like to shower BUT it will come the time in each of our lives - where we need to put our daily needs a bit lower for our bigger dreams!;)

So therefore I'm using extra pampering body/hair care products in my hotel shower to make the time there a bit more funnier - for creating the perfect pre-spring and summer feeling I love to use coconut scented products and especially one of the latest shower gels by Nivea called "creme coconut"* with jojoba oil and a very rich and creamy coconut scent - almost like beeing on Hawaii!;)

For my weekly hair care routine I'm recently obsessed with Avalon Organics "Smoothing Grapefruit & Geranium" Shampoo/Conditioner as well as after that I'm add 5-10 squeeze of thick & full "biotin & collagen" Amplifying Lotion from ogx - which smells as well very luxury!

After drying myself with a soft towel I'm used to applying always a body lotion/cream/butter on my whole body to keep me moist, moist and moist!;) Fenjal's Sensitive Body Lotion* with Almond Oil and Oat Extract refreshes and moisturize my whole body skin perfectly! I'm also applying the last days some drops of Bio-Oil (for my belly area and leg area - where I've burnt myself as well with the hot water!) to avoid any nasty scars!

Also using the Jason Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel for my right foot, which helps to cool down and avoid swelling (this product is also good for sun burnt skin!) and under my arms (axel area) I'm using the Naturally Fresh for Women Pure Natural Deodorant Stick also by Jason - which keeps this area as well moisturized and avoid to stink during a long active day!;)

DON'T forget your mouth/teeth area - it is the special body area, which needs extra care and therefore I'm using always my Dr. Best pink toothbrush (which I'm re-new each 3 months!) and during the day or after brushing my teeth I use a good minty dental floss (this one is by Oral-B the Pro-Expert Premium Floss ) and good (fluoride-free) toothpastes - which need to have a good minty or cinnamon-mint flavor! (Review Here)

If you've dishydrosis or other kind of skin ekzema on your hands like me - you need special treatments, skin creams etc. - therefore I'm still searching for the perfect creams and these products I've used in the last time - the winner is still the handmade apothecary cream from my dermatologist! But I never leave my home/hotel without a hand sanitizer, The Body Shop Hemp Hand Oil (which I've found recently during a day out in Brighton). 

On evenings I used to wear white cotton gloves - so I can use the rich, citrus and herbal scented Weleda Skin Food Skincream as well as Nu Nale Nail Strengthener Cream (from Boots) for my short and breakable nails!

What are your fav' body/facial/hair/hand care products at the moment?! And which hand cream/treatment could you recommend me - for any idea/advice/tip from you I'd be 100%tly thankful!;)


Monday, 26 January 2015


Hi guys,

the last few weeks I've used during my shower routine (as I've been showering almost each day during my stay at the hotel in the lovely shower- as there's NO bathtub guys!) also the Birch body scrub by Weleda, which smells fresh citrusy and reminds me strongly on non-alcoholic mojito drink, which I used to drink while swimming or relaxing at the pool on summer vacations!;)

I've already tried out Weleda's Birch Cellulite Body Oil (Review HERE) and this is the perfect matching product - well I'm not having a heavy Cellulite (what I'm VERY happy about) BUT if you're someone who's fighting with this woman problem - TRY these products out - they work!;)

Weleda Birch Body Scrub (Weleda DE & AT)- or £9.95 (Weleda UK)

The creamy slightly yellowish shower birch body scrub should softly exfoliate and smooth your bodyskin as well as it could be a preparation before using the Weleda Birch Cellulite Body Oil .

Application/How to use (for all Non-German;)): 

Depends on your skin type - how much you'll need to massage, scrub your skin (I've used to do it 2-3 times/week) It can be used more times during the week! Just gently apply it on your whole body and make a light massage;)

The natural ingredients (like wax pearls and pure plant oils) without synthetic detergents or aggressive agents (which is always bad for each skin type and let your skin age faster!) gentle massage your whole body and supports your skin cell renewal! 

Did you've tried this great fresh after citrus scented birch body scrub out yet?!

Wish you all a great morning/afternoon/evening/night (depends where you are;))!



Hi guys,

yesterday (while brushing and cleansing my teeth) I've seen that I'm almost run out of one of my alltime classic traditional toothpaste (Theramed 2in1 Original - which I'm using since my early years as a teenager as well as I've used a long time Elmex!). 

So I went today out and searched for some good alternatives and found 2 fluoride free toothpastes - which are definitely healthier than my good old one as well as worth to try out guys - as every change in your life can be a good decision or?!;)

Well I'm someone - who's looking to keep the teeth as much healthy as possible (due to my childhood bad teeth experience as well as operation.....anyway) and to use a good toothbrush and toothpaste is the first step you can do for keeping your breath fresh, your gums healthy and teeth strong, shiny and good and probably white (that's a problem almost every coffee/tea lover have as well as smoker!).

The first one I've put into my basket was Optima's AloeDent (Aloe Vera + Silicia, fluoride and SLS free toothpaste) with Cool minty freshness and whitening effect.

Due to, that I've used the last weeks the Optima AloeDent Fluoride Free Mouthwash - which is VERY good and minty too - I though to give this toothpaste a try.

100ml - £ 3.93 to £ 4.09 (Infinity Foods)

That's great, that the ingredients are as well visible on the toothpaste itself!;)

The second toothpaste I've put into my basket is the Kingfisher Natural Fluoride Free Toothpaste - Aloe Vera Tea Tree Mint - which has no artificial sweeteners, flavourings, colourings or preservatives and it's approved by the British Dental Health Foundation as well has the "Best Buy ethical consumer magazine" (HERE the list of all Best Buy products).

As soon as I've used them both for a longer time - I'll let you know in one of my further posts, how I've found them and which one is my favorite!;)

Did you've already tried out one of the toothpastes or any other from Kingfisher or Optima?!;)


My TOP 20 German Hits

Hi guys,

I've already let you know, what my Top 20 Country Hits are and as I've grown up speaking bilingual (German and Czech) I though to let you know as well my fav' Top 20 German hits:

Andreas Bourani "Auf Uns"

This was the official football hymn of the WM '14 - which wasn't wrote for that BUT it's really a kinda "keep it up" positive mood makin' song!;)

Andreas Bourani "Hey" (acoustic version)

This song really helps everyone of us (I'm sure!) - if it seems like I could not see happyness and a luck in my life again - this song helps to keep fighting me through hard times!

This is typical Cro;)! I love this romantical sunny summer spirit song - which is now almost 2 years old - reminds me strongly on Palma;)!

Marteria "Kids"

The kinda German Bronx Song - I love this funky, hip hop style song - cool vibes

Tim Bendzko feat. Cassandra Steen "Unter die Haut"

Deep lyrics, quality and chill out feeling

Tim Bendzko "Sag einfach Ja"

100% true, pure, love song

This groovy, cool vibes song is perfect for each afternoon after long work or a busy day!

Mark Forster "Zu Dir (Weit Weg)"

Song about travelling without the one person you really 100% love!

Silbermond "Das Beste"

Another great love song;) (I'm REALLY such a romantic girl;))

Söhne Mannheims "Gesucht & Gefunden"

Just great to be said!;)

Annett Louisan "Dein Ding"

German-Western Love song - a bit strange BUT honestly pure emotional;)!

NENA "Zaubertrick"

Rock, Funk, typical good old Nena sound!;)

About her life, about her feelings about NENA!

 Helene Fischer "Auf der Suche nach mir"

A song about how to find yourself at the end!

Helene Fischer "Marathon"

Just about the one love of almost each girl - chocolate;)

Helene Fischer "Unser Tag"

The perfect date song!;)

Wolfgang Petry "Du Bist Ein Wunder"

I know, I know guys - this isn't maybe each music taste BUT I love this old song;)!

Marianne Rosenberg "Ich bin wie du"

Great 70s romantic song for soulmates!;)

Die Toten Hosen "Tage wie diese"

A great party song as well for meet up with good friends!;)

Sarah Connor "Keiner ist wie Du"

A sad love song about a person you've trusted, loved or felt in love

What are your fav' german Top 20s?! If you're a German or speaking German let me know, which are your fav' ones!;)


Saturday, 24 January 2015


Hi my lovely readers,

today's just such a nice sunny day in Brighton -I've almost forgot, that it's January;)! I'm really glad to be her enjoying such bright sunny days on the beach and watch like seagulls flying high above the sea and Brighton pier!


Love my new Radley London sunglasses - they reminds me strongly on the 60s!;)

I really adore Jane Koenig jewelry - especially the rings (my small braided rose gold plated silver ring)are soooo cute and unique!;)

I'm sooo glad to be here - not just, that I've meet so many interesting and amazing people here since I've been trying to move here, as well as new friends and really good ones too;)! Also I'm feeling it's not just an highly inspiring place to be and live for short it's more - it's like a new home (real great place for musicians/singers/creative people)!

Wish you all a great Saturday & Weekend!;)


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

SWEET NYC Memories (NYC Spring '14)

Hi guys,

yesterday I've wrote a post about one of my fav' beaches beside Menorca/Mallorca/Maledives/Hawaii/Brighton etc. - Coney Island/NYC and now I'd like to show you some of my fav' pic's I've made during my stay in Big Apple last march '14:

Times Square the famous place, where musicals are promoted, tourists take over billion photos per day, where you can walk at 7am almost alone! The place where you NEVER feel alone even if you're a single tourist!;)

Local Farmers Market - where fruits, vegetables, fresh baked pastry and breads are cheaper than at organic supermarket/groceries!

Just the old historical buildings, the NYC flair JUST  everything made me feel, that I belong to Big Apple (well I've even don't needed a city map and known each street - which is totally weird and strange!)

The Plaza Hotel NOT just known from movies like Home Alone 2, Eloise At The Plaza (which was the reason why I've 1stly visited the hotel back in 2010 to visit Eloise Pink Shop at the Basement Floor at Plaza - I LOVE this cute Disney Movie as well as the story behind this little blonde girl living at plaza).

National Library in Manhattan is WORTH to visit, reminds me strongly on Harry Potter with the massive stone stairs and gothic architecture as well as the thousands and thousands of old bookshelfs with highly read books - lovely place for every bookworm like me!;)

For every young/becoming actor/actress or just theatre and movie lover and addicted person - there are plenty of different Film/Movie/Theatre Schools and Courses to attend - just keep your eyes wide open!;)

I don't like marshmallows or such sweet sticky stuff as well not really Peeps marshmallow bunnies BUT these soft cuddle Peeps bunny toys are to cute to leave at FAO Schwarz!;)

I've attend there as well some modeling auditions and after a long day I though to get a cup of Iced Coffee at Wendys (the price was affordable for my little pocket;) as well as this day began my Iced Coffee/Frapuccino addiction!;))

The Julliard - the place where acting and musical dreams can become true!;)

Such fancy places can be not just found near Times Square or Broadway (well Hard Rock yest;) BUT the sign above Park Lane was near a garage somewhere in Manhattan;))

As I've been now twice in NYC I know, that skylines aren't everywhere in Manhattan - there are green and cute victorian home villages as well and such high buildings are more seen on the way to Wallstreet or near Rockerfeller!

To be honest I'll visit one day each corner of the US - as this country really inspires me (not just because of my family story as well as through my own experiences) BUT NYC will ALWAYS be a special place for me - which I'll 100%tly visit even more than any other place in the world!;)

Did you've been ever in Manhattan/NYC/Big Apple?! (If not - OH you SHOULD VISIT IT!;))