Monday, 1 December 2014

Z For Accessorize - EVIL EYE ring

Hi guys,

yesterday I've been as well walkin' through Brighton and Churchill Square (again;)) and found at accessorize a stand with their special "Z For Accessorize" gold plated jewellry - which is for someone like me with allergy against regular custom jewellry/bijoux - as it won't chip or loose the gorgeous golden plate as well as they are hand-crafted!;)

I've tried out different golden plated rings and choose this one in Size Small (which fits quite well - well it's a bit bigger as my other small sized rings BUT I won't loose this one;)) and I've though this one is really beautiful.

To be honest I've NOT known, that it's a symbol ring - to be honest that it's an evil eye ring - which should protects you against bad energy & views!

I've really NOT much jewellry - as I'm allergic against custom jewellry (which are sometimes really beautyful and a LOT cheaper than real silver sterling/gold/rose gold plated and real rings!)  and therefore I'm buying myself just rarely some new gold/rose gold pieces like: rings, necklace or bracelets or even earrings - as I'm NOT a millionaire and quite thrifty for buying myself always such unique pieces!;)

 Evil Eye ring - £12.00 (also available necklace/pendant, bracelet)

BUT the "Z for Accessorize" range has really low priced gold plated jewellry, which let me think about it twice - whether I will buy in the next time again such a great jewellry piece!;)


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