Monday, 1 December 2014

SUPERDRUG De-Stressing Mud Mask - HOW TO APPLY

Hi guys,

yesterday I couldn't wait until I've finally tried out one of the mud masks from Superdrug on myself:) I've finally decided as I've not as much imperfection and blemishes at the moment to choose the de-stressing one - as I needed finally to de-stress a bit;):

For the application:
I've used about 4-5 hazelnut sized squeezes and blend it well onto my facial skin with just my fingers - not used any facial (mask) brush at all!

....After 10-13  min. you'll look pretty "stoned";) as the mask will get really hard on your face:

....and it goes really into your skin and opens up your skin pores - as you can see on the pic' above;)

Now it's time to remove the mask with warm water and some cotton pads/wipes/balls - choose what you've at home or what you're usually using!;)

You can (after this step) dry your face with a soft towel too - BUT DON'T rub your facial skin - that would awake any kind of irritations!

Now you can apply any kind of your fav' night facial treatment - I'm using still my beloved Shea Moisture  "Raw Shea Chamomile Argan Oil Baby Healing Lotion" - as it pampers my facial skin 100% with natural ingredients!;)


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