Thursday, 4 December 2014

Sea Life Brighton - PART 2

Hi guys,

this is my 2nd post about the SeaLife in Brighton - which is an incredible and overwhelming place to visit durin' your holidays or if you're living near or in Brighton:

Different corals, different shades, different fishs and ranges;)!

....walked through the vintage tunnel to see sharks!;)

They are fast agressive sea creatures - which you can't really well photograph as they are soooo fast!

Crabs, and weird looking fishes - the sea is unique as each of us!;)

These jellyfish kinda thing looks soooo gorgeous and pretty - like a sea jewellry to be honest!;)

Tiny octopus and crabs are swimming in their places:

You see I've made TONS of photos and enjoyed it REALLY a LOT to be in SeaLife and escape sooo many lovely sea residents - and some of them I've never seen before in a book!;) 

Don't matter if you're not from or won't come to Brighton - SeaLife is as well located here:

Birmingham, Blackpool, Great Yarmouth, Gweek, Hunstanton, Loch Lomond, London, Manchester, Oban, Scarborough, Weymouth, Alton Towers, Chessington

Berlin, Hannover, Königswinter, Konstanz, München, Oberhausen, Speyer, Timmendorfer Strand, Legoland Deutschland

Arizona, Carlsbad (CA), Charlotte-Concord, Grapevine (TX), Kansas City, Michigan, Minnesota, Orlando

Blankenberge (BL), Bray (Eire), Helsinki (FL), Paris (FR), Scheveningen (NL), Gardaland (IT), Jesolo (IT), Rome (IT), Porto (Portugal), Benalmadena (ESP), Legoland Billund (DK)

Did you've been ever in one of the SeaLife mentioned above?! - If yes - what was your fav' part?!;)


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