Wednesday, 3 December 2014

GOSH Cosmetics - 9 Shades Of NYC, LA and Las Vegas

Hi guys,

this is a VERY important post for me to show you the latest gorgeous eyeshadow palettes from GOSH called "9 Shades" (of NYC, LA and Las Vegas;)) - they are truly high pigmented and the black simple plastic packaging makes each palette VERY special!:


(Photo Credit: Gosh)

N.Y.C. (one of the most important cities in my life - as it's the city of my dreams!;)) - this VERY berry shaded palette reminds me on one of my fav' streets there (NO! not 5th Ave:)) the Madison Ave.! With the lovely red brick houses where a special atmosphere you'll surely find - this is a neutral and very natural feminine palette - which suits perfectly blonde/middle brown/brown hair girls!;)


(Photo Credit: Gosh)

Los Angeles - the city of Angels, Dreams and Faith to begin an incredible rich and successful (V.I.P.) life BUT it's as well the city of the beautiful sandy Venice beach with salty blue waves (like some of the pale/grey blue and turquoise shade in the palette!) and the Sunset Blvd. with the massive commercial prints and stars (the purple and white shade  show it perfectly!). This palette is great for light skin toned blonde types - NOT for solar brown girls as it would look really cheap on you!;)

Las Vegas:

(Photo Credit: Gosh)

Las Vegas the city of winners and losers - Casinos and Slot Machines on each corner - this palette reminds me 100%tly on the vibrant lights, which are lighting in Las Vegas everywhere and on the slot machines and discos - it's soooo playful and colorful there and this palette shows it perfectly. Would suit a light toned as well as dark skin type! For the perfect 70s look as well;)!

Each GOSH palette will be available in good stocked/filled drugstores like Bipa in Austria for about 14.99 €!

I really fall in love with each pallette - which one would you prefer?!;)

(non-paid PR post)

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