Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Hi guys,

the last days I've received a further newsletter with lovely home accessoires/decor items from Depot:
(Photo Credit: Depot)  

This popcorn maker is soooo gorgeous with the golden details and plain vintage white design!;) 39.99 € (here)
(Photo Credit: Depot) 

You always wanted to try out to bake your own bread BUT don't know how much and which ingredients you'd like to add or you've searched for an unique present - well this bread mix filled in a glass bottle is a truly gift from the (Depot) heart;)! 370g - 8.99 € (here)
(Photo Credit: Depot) 

These storage tins are suiting perfectly into a natural white as well as dark kitchen - they add a bit cozyness!;) "Biscuits" 14.99 € (here), "Sugar" 7.99 € (here)

(Photo Credit: Depot) 

Real wooden cut boards with nice "Cooking Is Love You Can Taste" as well as "Star Kitchen" (Sternek├╝che) 12. 99 € (here) writing add a bit of high fashion to your kitchen!
(Photo Credit: Depot)

Just imagine nice hot fondue (cheese, chocolate etc.) it's really worth to try sucha lovely cream/vanilla white foundue set!;) 9 piece set - 39.99 € (here)
(Photo Credit: Depot) 

To make sure you've noticed all your fav' Places (Restaurants, Bakery etc.), drinks, appetizer, dinners/lunches, desserts, ingredients on one place - this cute white/blue plate sheets will make it easier to storage all your fav's!;) 50 papersheets 7.99 € (here)

I've always found something at Depot - especially durin' the christmas time - where they offer so many low priced decorations, lights and festive things!;)

(non-paid PR post)

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