Monday, 1 December 2014


Hi guys,

I just wanted to make this special post about how to feel a pre-christmas festive mood while staying in an hotel (searching a job, flat etc.) and how I'm preparing myself for this season as well as which are THE products - which makes me feel more comfortable and cozy;):

I've recently reviewed the "Gingerbread" cologne spray (here) on my blog and it's really the special scent for feeling like a bit home;), as well as I'm using the last whole week a 100% pure & unrefined Shea Butter from Laughing Bird Body Care (which I got at Infinity Foods in Brighton) and the Hurraw! Chai Spiced lip balm (which I bought during this Summer '14 at the shop American Apparel in Brighton) pampers my hands/lips soooo well!

I'm in love with my classic long and wide scarf (which can be used as a scarf;), over your shoulders and as a light blanket while watchin' tv or surfing on internet/writing mails) and it was such an inexpensive fashion piece from Mango guys!;) 

Sweet Freedom is a brand, which is really popular by healthy lifestyle bloggers, people and athletics - I've especially don't known this brand until today morning, while I was searching for a healthy breakfast at Morrisons - I've found this plastic tube/bottle full of Choc Shot - a healthier hot/cold chocolate drink alternative - it contains just: 

Sweet Freedom (natural fruit extracts, apples, grapes & carob), water, cocoa, rapeseed oil, natural chocolate flavour

That's it!;) These 5 things really makes the pre-christmas time even better during a stay in an hotel away from all beloved family members and helps me during stressful times;)!


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