Thursday, 11 December 2014

Breakfast At Pret-A-Manger

Hi guys,

I've been recently quite often at one of the Pret A Manger shops in Brighton or London (just for a drink like the refreshing Pure Pret Still Lemon & Ginger, Pure Pret Yoga Bunny, Fresh Orange Juice or creamy Cacao Date Almond Shake , nice healthier lunch or breakfast) - which has inspired me to show you my yesterday's breakfast - I wanted porridge with dark choc' and as they've not got any one more left I grab for a slice banana cake instead;):

Pret A Manger tries to avoids using colorings, artificial flavoures, preservatives and other non-healthy stuff - which can cause bad skin condition (imperfections) and non-energy!

What's you fav' breakfast at Pret?!;)


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