Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Library Of Fragrance/Demeter Fragrance Library - GINGERBREAD

Hi guys,

the last week I've bough a bottle of a VERY christmas scented eau de cologne/toilette called "Gingerbread" (well seriously I've an obsession with every kind of gingerbread cookies, candles etc.;)) and this one isn't the traditional german chocolate gingerbread scent is more the spicy american gingerbread cookie scent:

Demeter Fragrance Library (called in the US) or The Library Of Fragrance (called in the UK) has a wide range of different unique scents (you'll see what I mean if you browse on their own pages!;)) and "Gingerbread" gives me the x-tra portion of christmas pre-festive mood (while I'm trying to live by my own in the UK without my beloved family!;)).

30ml/1.0 fl oz "Gingerbread" cologne spray - £15.00 (here) or $15.00 (here)

I wouldn't wear it each day (as THAT would be too much sweetness to be honest;)) but for some nice hours out on the nearest christmas market, with your friends or just while you're alone - it gives you the needed warm christmas feeling;)! Well BUT it's not a scent which lasts all day long - it's more for some special hours per day;)!

As I mentioned above they have a MASSIVE range of different scents, I'd like to try out these scents as well:

Apple Pie, Beeswax, Cucumber, Flower Show, Fresh Ginger, Fresh Laundry, Orange Juice, Pineapple, Sex On The Beach, Tomato

Between The Sheets, Bonfire, Bubble Gum, Chai Tea, Christmas in NY, Cinnamon Bark, Condensed Milk, Cotton Candy, Cranberry, Egg Nog, Flowering Tonka, Frangipani, Grapefruit Tea, Hot Toddy, Log Cabin, Mulled Cider, Pink Lemonade, Pixie Dust, Punch, Raspberry Jam, Saltwater Taffy, Sex On The Beach South Beach, Suntan Lotion, Swimming Pool.

Well you see - there are plenty of different amazing scents - which would make your day even more better - just if you could pick up all at once(laugh);).


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