Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Labello Lip Butter ORIGINAL*

Hi guys,

I know, that you maybe know, that I'm such an addicted lip balm/butter/treatment person - who always (and with always I'm meaning always!;)) jumps high up after I've received a further tiny tin or lip balm stick for my whole lip treat collection!;)

Today I'd like to show you a further lip butter tin from the whole Labello's lip butter range - it's the "Original"* plain white one with the really sweet powder scent:

The texture is the same like all other Labello Lip Butters - not too greasy and not too creamy (they are good moisturizing!) - as this one isn't pigmented or hasn't any kind of shade it's as well a great lip butter / lip treatment for your BF, husband, Bro' etc.;)!


I pretty like the metallic tin (as today we've quite too many plastic packaging/tins/boxes etc.!)) and that the size is pretty "handy" for your handbag, backpack or jeans pocket!;)

Lip Review:

You can buy one of their Labello Lip Butters at each local drugstore or in some supermarkets/groceries too!;)

Did you've ever tried one of their lip butters?! Which is your absolute fav' one?!

Mine will stay the Coconut* one BUT the Blueberry* lip butter has an incredible delicious scent as well - oh and this Original* one is pretty good for date nights!;) (my Review HERE)

Wish you all a great Tuesday!;)


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