Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Hi guys;),

the last weekend I've produced a VERY delicious, simple and quick jam kind/marmelade with fresh cranberries and oranges;)! And as I'm using my blog as a kinda "door" to you;) I'd like to show you some pic's I've made - to "demonstrate" you my result:


Cranberries are soooo healthy, they are full of vitamin C,  dietary fiber, minerals, manganese  and other essential micronutrients as well as the fresh berries contain polyphenols - which helps cardiovascular system and immune system and against cancer agents! - A totally power berry!;)


I've used my fav' orange 2 1/4Saucier pan  from  LeCreuset (a very heavy one;)) BUT you can use any kind of good pan or pot!;)

This is a VERY special scent for me (and I'm sure for you too;)) - cinnamon, spices and the sweet sugar boiling scent - CHRISTMAS isn't far away!;)

Finished "Cranberry & Orange" marmelade result:

Now you just need a good slice of fresh baked whole wheat bread/roll, pancakes or scones..... enjoy this sweet spicy & in a kinda way healthy spread/marmelade/jam;)!

Did you've ever tried to create your own marmelade with your fav' fruits?!

Wish you all a great Wednesday afternoon!;)


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