Monday, 24 November 2014

#1 LONDON DISTRICTS: Kensington - Kensington High Street

Hi guys,

as I'm finally starting to explore all districts in London (as Brighton isn't much far away;)) I would like to start another post range/collection about the different lovely and nice districts in London and will show you in each of these topic posts my fav' places/buildings/architecture/art etc. - let's start with maybe one of my fav' districts, Kensington - especially the main shopping street called Kensington High Street:

Kensington High Street is really worth to visit while you're staying in London or if you're a native Londoner too!;) It's not just a super shopping street BUT you can see the beautiful vintage victorian brick houses as well as lovely small decorated windows or small gardens - this is truly a beautiful district of London!


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