Thursday, 16 October 2014

NEUTROGENA - Intense Repair Lip Balsam & Unscented Handcream*

Hi guys,

you maybe know and have experienced the same problem:  It's October, the weather changes really quickly and the cold fresh air can turn my soft lips as well as sensitive hands dry!

For that problem I was glad to test some of Neutrogena's Repair products (AT/DE, US) for lips and hands out, which I'll show you know in detail:

Neutrogena's Intense Repair Lip Balm:

This lip balm* will ensure an intensive care and protection for dry and flacky lips and will recover them to become again soft and shiny!;)

Neutrogena's Intensive Repair Lip Balm* with its unique norwegian formula will moisturize the lips and can be used as well under makeup (lipsticks, lipgloss etc.).

Product Lip Review:

I pretty much like the nice soft scent of this lip balm as well as the creamy moisturizing texture, which leaves my own lips not just soft but as well 'xtra pampered during the day!;)

Neutrogena's Unscented Repair Hand Cream:

This high concentrated unscented hand cream* by Neutrogena comes in a pretty small tube (50ml) BUT it can be used for about 200 applications! 

For dry and unsound hands it's really important to use daily a rich and fast absorbing hand cream, which will ensure a prompt and longlasting moisture.

As just one drop/squeeze of Neutrogena's high concentrated unscented hand cream* will be enough (that's what the brand itself says) to calm and protect the hands in each (extreme) life situation.

After I've first tried out this unscented rich, middle-transparent hand cream , which turns to be really creamy after blend in your hand skin - I though, it's just like the other Neutrogena hand cream, which is scented and in fact my skin feels a bit softer! It's NOT a magical handcream, which will fade away all your dry and cracked skin BUT it will begin (step by step) to protect and regenerate your injured hand skin!

It's a good drugstore hand cream/moisturizer for a really good price and shouldn't be forget to test out before choosing between 100 different hand creams!;)

For more informations feel free to visit Neutrogena on their own official page:

Did you've ever tried out some of Neutrogena's hand- or lip balms?!;)

Wish you all a great start into this day (it's Thursday - NOT long until weekend guys!;)).


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