Tuesday, 7 October 2014

MUM's Beauty Advise: Organic Intensive Wrinkle Cream with Cannabis

Hi guys,

today I'd like to introduce you this priceable and pretty good moisturizing treatment against wrinkles and dry facial skin, which my mum has used the last 2 months - and she's absolutely amazed about the result!;)

Bione Cosmetics has created the PERFECT solution for wrinkle dry facial skin (50+, 60+, 70+, 80+, 90+, 100+ - NOT for young skin guys!;)) and it contains the ingredient - which shouldn't be SMOKE!;) 

It's completely without silicones and preservatives! And it has the peptide complex inside - which should correct the light wrinkled (sometimes also some deep wrinkled) facial skin types!

Cannabis is a really light, fast absorbing, which is riched with hempseed oil and hempseed extract and it makes it possible to create such a good unique facial treatment - to reduce dry and wrinkle skin!

It also contains essential acids, phytosterol, phospholipid, antioxidants, vitamines (like the carotenoid) and organic minerals, which are all together a great source for healthy aged facial skin!

Cannabis extract and hempseed oil is also well know for fighting against erubescence, antibacterial treatments and skin regeneration.

It's NOT just my mum's fav' facial daily cream at the moment BUT it's also very popular in the last years to use organic and also to use cosmetics with hemp seed oil or cannabis extracts for sensitive and problematic skin types (with acne, rosacea etc.).

This treatment will moisturize, regenerate, calm and save all dry and extra dry facial skin types! - As it contains as well vitamine B8  (inositol - the vitamin for "youth, vitality and health").

Did you've ever tried out some of Bione Cosmetics creams/moisturizer or other cosmetic products?! Or did you've ever tried out some products for your daily facial or body cleanse routine, which contains cannabis or hempseed extract/oil like the Bione Cosmetics Cannabis Skin/Body Care Range?!

I wish you all a great Tuesday!;)


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