Sunday, 5 October 2014


Hi guys,

autumn is finally here, the leaves are fallin', the sun shines less, vitamine A is a must durin' this days - don't feel depressed or even negative!;)

I have already been goin' through hard times (school bullying, different anxieties or stressful times) - to be honest the world can turn in just one day even more darker than before BUT the other day you'll see - new apples can be earn and the sun is much lighter than before - so keep on stayin' positive in your mind!;)

You don't even know, how much you're blessed to be here on earth, to be healthy, happy, to see all the miracles all around you, to make new experience, to  learn something new and to grow in your self and through yourself!

I'm NOT the bravest or toughest girl on earth BUT I'm trying to make the best from (every) day and YOU too can try!

Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off":

There are soo soooo many reasons, why DON'T to fail by loosing your own dreams and goals, sure you'll fail one, twice or even 500times BUT one day you'll reach it and you'll also find someone who believe in you and wish nothing else than love and the best to you! 

One Direction's "Gotta Be You":

I'm blessed to have a fam' (bro', sis', uncle, aunt etc.) who cares about me, who supports me mentally (most of all my beloved mum;)) and hopefully I'll find someday the man of my life!;) (fingers crossed;)) 

Meghan Trainor's "Dear Future Husband":

They are around me (don't matter whether in real or via phone, mail or skype - well in this modern world;)) and I'm happy, that I've got such a great childhood as well - to grow happy and to find my own dream and work on it from the beginnin'.

Sara Bareilles's  "Brave":

BUT what I'd like to say, NOT everyone has got the chance to grow up or be raised up by their own fam' or by friendly persons or even grow up in really HARD TIMES - which means, that you're maybe confused by the world, by thinking about the future etc. BUT DON'T give up - each of us is an individual & EACH OF US WINS one day!

John Legend's "You & I":

I hope you've not become more weird after reading this post BUT I though, that it was time to write again some mental helping wise words (also after listening the 1st time to John Legend's "You & I" song;)) and to let you know, that I'm carring about others situations, about others opinions about life, about my own future and to reach for the stars. Guys, I hope you believe too!;)

Wish you a great Saturday and an even better week!


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