Sunday, 19 October 2014

Jane Kønig - Leaf & Braided Ring*

Hi guys,

the last week I've received two wonderful and magical sterling silver and rose gold plated sterling silver rings by Jane Kønig:


Small braided ring* (Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver) - 43.20€
Leaf ring* (Sterling Silver) - 101.60€


I love rose gold plated jewellry and in combination with sterling silver it shines even more!;)

They are soooo light weight and the shape, texture and small details makes each Jane Kønig ring to a special unique piece!

Jane creates such amazing tresures, which are not just for special occasions like valentines day, birthdays or engagements - they are as well a great gift between stressful times or a great way how to treat yourself after a special moment in your life!;)

Visit her official Jane Kønig page or on: Facebook, Google+ or Instagram

Wish you all a great Sunday and a successful next week!:)


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