Wednesday, 15 October 2014

High Maintenance Jewellery - Elephant Earrings*

Hi everyone;),

I've received few weeks ago from the lovely Kate (Founder/Jewellery Designer by High Maintenance Jewellery) a wonderful golden pair of (lucky) elephant earrings:

They look ABSOLUTELY light weight, unique shaped and designed as well as just gorgeous to wear - they're now one of my fav' earrings, which I'm happy to own!;)

Pretty Priceable for an handmade jewellery:
A pair of these (lucky) golden elephant earrings costs - 4 pounds

I've an allergy against nickel usually as well as modern fashion (priceable non-real gold or silver) jewellery BUT these are truly something for girls like me!;)

Backside of these gorgeous earrings:

I'm pretty amazed about this gift from Kate (thank YOU again hun'!;)) and if you like as well such vintage golden jewellery - DON'T forget to search on her official page for some more jewellery!;) (here)

As well visit High Maintenance Jewellery on:


Wish you all a great Wednesday Night!;)


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