Wednesday, 15 October 2014

HELENE FISCHER's "Meins" Collection by Tchibo*

Hi guys,

the last days has been really interesting!;) As well as receiving such amazing fashion news from Tchibo - that Helene Fischer ( the best german folk/beat music singer/entertainer today! - for everyone who don't know her!;)) has created together with Tchibo her own clothes collection called "Meins"/"Mine":

(Photo Credit: Eduscho/Tchibo)

Leather Jacket* (outside: 100% lamb nappa leather, Lining: 100% polyester) - Size 36-46/ Price 149€ 
Jersey polo neck* (95% rayon, 5% elastane) - Size XS (32/34) -XL (48/50) / Price 9.95€
(Photo Credit: Eduscho/Tchibo)

(Photo Credit: Eduscho/Tchibo)

Jersey Jacket* (100% cotton wool) Size 36-48/ Price 29.95€ 
Synthetic Leather Skirt *(65% rayon, 35% polyester, PU-laminated) Size 36-44/ Price 39.95€
(Photo Credit: Eduscho/Tchibo)

(Photo Credit: Eduscho/Tchibo)

Knitted Cap* (100% polyacrylics) Onesize/ Price 9.95€ 
Sweater/Jumper* (60% cotton wool, 40% polyester) Size XS (32/34) - XL (48/50)/ Price 19.95€

What I'm thinking about the 1st Helene Fischer Autumn Collection '14?:

It's a REALLY fresh and neutral range of different warm jumpers, sweaters as well as it includes a great printed pant and a skirt. The sparklin' stones on one of the jumpers as well as the knitted cap (like shown above) are pretty cute and looks really comfortable! I'm also really surprised about the quality as well as priceable price!

It's just a great collection inspired and choosen by one of the greatest young ladies in the music industry!;)

You'll get the opportunity to buy her collection via the official Tchibo page (here)* from 14th of October (which was to be honest yesterday;)) as well as you'll find them in all Tchibo stores from the 22nd of October '14!

Hope, you're positively surprised about the latest celebrity collection by Tchibo as I'm and wish you all a great Wednesday evening;)!

(I've got these pic's from maybe one of the nicest PR agents bbpr and Tchibo/Eduscho to show them on my blog for free!)

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