Wednesday, 1 October 2014

GOSH - Lip Lacquer Swatches*

Hi guys:),

during the last days I've been completely in stress as well as planning (news come up hopefully soon) well anyway, I've also test out one of the latest Gosh Cosmetics lip makeup product called Lip Lacquer*, which is available in 8 different shades:

 each Lip Lacquer* costs approx. 5.99€

Gosh Lip Lacquer will change your lips to shiny, flawless lips like - it works like a lip manicure!;) The mixture between a lipstick and a gloss packaged in a nail polish bottle makes this lip makeup product really unique. Each Lip Lacquer also contains argan oil and vitamine E and some shades have a pretty pigmented and have a good coverage and some are more lucent.

Hand Swatch:

The texture is similar to a gloss with creamy non-sticky consistence, well it's not too glossy and not too matte - it's in between, if you know what I mean?!;)

Innocent Lips:

Lovely Lips:

Sweet Lips:

Flirty Lips:

Crispy Lips:

Funky Lips:

Hot Lips:

Dangerous Lips:

Did you've tried recently tried out one of their new Lip Lacquer?! How you've felt about the longlasting and texture?!

It costs about 5.99€ and it's available in Austria in each Bipa drugstore (here) or £5.99 at Superdrug
Hope you've got a great Wednesday and wish you all a great late afternoon!;)


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