Wednesday, 10 September 2014

TRICK OR TREAT - Tchibo Week Special*

Hi everyone;),

Halloween isn't far away, the time where you can see almost everywhere some witches, ghosts, monsters and zombies (not just in the US - Europe is as well pretty "Halloween-Addicted"!;)).

For this season Tchibo has created a pretty typical orange/black shaded collection with halloween decorations and costumes:

For your livingroom, dining room as well as for your patio these cute deco elements will make your home even more harvest styled and spooky:
Set of 3 ceramic tealight pumpkins (approx. 15.00€)
3 cute spooky owls (approx. 20.00€)
Pumpkin Christmas Tree/Harvest Wreath decoration (approx. 15.00€)

No matter whether you're a sis' a bro' or even the parent of sweet toodler or kids - these are 2 of their cute halloween costumes:

1. Sweet Little Pumpkin:
Pumpkin Costume (approx. 17.00€), Hand Latern (approx. 13.00€)
2. Little Brave Witch:
Witch costume Set (Dress + Witch/Wizzard Hat) (approx. 17.00€)

THAT witch costume reminds me on my own some years back - as I've been a little kid'!;) I loved and enjoyed to celebrate this special spooky feast with my childhood friends & neighbours!;)

And last but not least this lightening pumpkin will save you from tealights (which can turn REALLY dangerous - if you're not sitting beside the pumpkin on your patio or in your living room!;)) and this one is soooo cute;):
LED small pumpkin (approx. 10.00€)

Did you celebrate halloween as well as much as I do?!;) I pretty much love to decorate at home as well as to watch different halloween classic movies (BUT PLEASE NOT the too much horror and spooky ones!;)).

All of these halloween themed decoration and costumes will be available from 7th of October '14 for a limited time!;) Visit their official Tchibo page for further informations - HERE!

(*non-paid PR Post)

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