Sunday, 14 September 2014

My currently fav' body/face cosmetic

Hi guys,

this is a special post, I'll show you my whole body/face cleansing and pampering products, which I'm currently using almost each day!;) These products are beloved by myself and shouldn't be missed in my bathroom - well let's see, whether you've tried out some of them or whether you're currently use it as well as I'm;)?:

I'm beginnin' with my current hair care routine, which I usually start with using the Timotei "Golden Highlights" shampoo, which is infused with camomile flower and prepare my hair for my 2nd step - the Guhl "Shine Blonde" deep repair treatment (a kind of hair mask) with champagner-berry extract, which let my natural blonde hair more shiny, soft and pampered. And last but not least I'm using (after I've removed with warm water the repair treatment) the "Golden Highlights" conditioner infused with camomile also by Timotei.

Sometimes (when I've made a unique hairstyle or for an 'xtra longlasting hold;))  I'm using Nivea's "brilliant blonde" hair styling spray* with UV protection and keratin protection, which also has the 4th grade of strongness. Well and the lovely scent, which reminds me on a perfume makes this hair spray as well a bit special for myself!;)

I'm definitely a bath girl (well I'm taking a shower as well BUT I like taking a bath MUCH more;)) and to pamper my whole body skin with lovely scented and good products means a LOT for me!;) That's why I'm pretty much like the Original Source shower gels (especially the Vanilla and Raspberry;)) also Soap & Glory "Sugar Cursh" body scrub protects me against dry skin parts on my legs, elbows and feet!

For 'xtra cleansing and pampering I'm using (since my teenage years) the Lactacyd feminine intimate liquid soap.

After taking bath or shower my body needs to be moisturized and protects against dry skin parts or redness or during the summer months and winter months - I pretty much enjoy to cover my whole body with a light golden tan with my beloved tropical coconut scented Eco Coco Tan* (tanning lotion);)! 

Sudocrem should also not be missed - for irritate body/hand/feet parts after shaving, during autumn/winter (dry skin) or during summer (burnt skin). And don't forget the lovely baby powder scent;)!

In the morning I enjoy to remove with some exfoliating tissues like these from pure (bought at Poundland for just 1 pound;)) and continue with a good facial cleanser like this Clarisonic "Refreshing Gel Cleanser"* sample, which is soooo soft to my facial skin and the refreshing citrus scent - refreshes and treats my skin sooooo much! It's a VERY PRETTY good cleanser guys!;)

Well after this step I need always a good daily day moisturizer and currently I'm enjoying to use the bebe MORE Hydra Splash* (review) to hydrate my facial skin as much as possible & sometimes I'm making as well a facial mask with this Hydra Creme-Gel.

After work, sport day (well THAT won't happen sooo often;)), weekend or just at the end of an inspiring day;) I'm starting with removing my makeup (if I'm wearing some;)) or dirtness with a good portion of organic 100% coconut oil and gentle massage it into my facial skin (and after that remove it with cotton pads). 

Dr. Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap with tea tree shouldn't be missed, as it cleanse my skin 100%tly and avoids to get any blemishes or imperfections (tea tree oil is the BEST helper my sweet friends;)!).

And last but not least I'm pump a hazelnut sized portion of good old Shea Moisture "Baby Healing Lotion" on my hands and massage it gentle onto my facial skin - the scent, the creamy texture and effect is PHENOMENAL!;) NOT just my current fav' night facial treatment but my one and only fav' night facial treatment!;)

Clarisonic's Mia2*, which I've got some weeks ago to test out and review REALLY wins my heart & I COULDN'T imagine to live without this special facial treatment tool again!;)

After all these steps (well the product list is LONG - I know guys, I know BUT girls NEED a lot or?!;)) I NEVER EVER forgot to cleanse my teeth 2 or 3 times per day with a good toothpaste (currently using the "Max White One Active Power Mint" by Colgate BUT I'm always try out different toothpaste - so it's not a paste I'm using always guys). 

My fav' toothbrush brand is and will always be (as I'm using their brushes since my childhood guys;)) Dr. Best - well I don't know, but they are making the best non-electronic brushes! And this one has an 'xtra small head (which I always prefer) and it's PINK - what more to say;)!

Sometimes I'm not to lazy and use also a dental floss - this one is the Oral-B "Pro-Expert Premium dental floss" with Cool Mint flavor, which removes any dirtness between my teeths (if there's a dirtness;)).

So now you know, which products I'm using currently and which are my fav' at the moment - well did you've used or are you using some of these by yourself too?!

Wish you a great Sunday (TV;)) night!

(*some of these products has been sent to me as PR-Samples)

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