Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Hi guys,

today's a special OOTD - it show's me COMPLETELY WITHOUT any makeup products (lip/eye/complexion/etc makeup) JUST a simple moisturizing cream and lip balm NOTHING MORE! That's why I've called this OOTD "Me - Without Make-Up" it should show you my real me;) Well I'm thinking, that I'm not overloaded with makeup usual too soo my face should be recognizeable;) Hope you'll like it!;)......

What I'm wearing:

Bleached Denim Jeans from Mango
Bleached Over-Sized Jeans Jacket from ZARA
Short Pastel Cotton Peach Knitted Jumper from Tezenis
Synthetic Leather Brown wallet from the Jessica Simpson Collection (bought at Century21)
Wood optic sunglasses from Maui Jim 
Jeans Slippers from SoulCal&Co. California

Did you find - that I DON'T need makeup each day?!;) Let me know as well like you've found this OOTD! I pretty much adore these pieces and I'd be sad don't have them!;)

Wish you all a gorgeous sunny Tuesday afternoon - Especially YOU!;)


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