Friday, 5 September 2014

MADELEINE - Sunglass & Jewelry Autumn/Winter Collection 14.15*

Hi guys;),

this is the 2nd part of my last post (I've wrote for you;)) about the great Autumn/Winter 14.15 Collection by Madeleine - which should inspire you (& me;)) with their latest finest golden/silver jewelry as well as gorgeous sunglasses (guys YOU already know my addiction for all kind of sunglasses!;)):

Collier Necklace (89.90€)
Sunglass vintage look (available in vanille/black - 149.90€)
(this pic' was made before I've received my goodie back and found out that THIS sunglass is a gift for myself!;)
Thank's again Madeleine & bbpr!;)

arm bangle (available in gold/silver - 79.90€)
It was a bit too wide/big for my own upper arm - BUT most of you will be fine with the size!;)
Sunglass 80s style (149.90€)

 Collier Necklace (99.90€)

I pretty much prefer nice accessoires and high quality golden/rose gold sealed earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets! - As I've an allergy for nickel - it's NOT possible to buy something at our local priceable costume jewelry (I'd like to BUT I definitely can't!;() so the only option I've is to buy real silver/gold/rose gold jewelry or a thin real coated/laminated silver/gold jewelry!

What's your fav' jewelry from the latest Madeleine Autumn/Winter Collection 14.15?!;)


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