Sunday, 28 September 2014

GOSH - Velvet Touch Lipstick Swatches*

Hi everyone;),

I've been recently testing out some of the latest Velvet Touch Lipsticks* from Gosh Cosmetics, which should create a velvet finish on your lips with the creamness texture and reflecting pigments:

First of all I've used a moisturizing lip balm on my plain pure lips;):

After that I've let the colors raise up!;)

I've thought that "156 Romance" a pretty pale/pastel pink shade would have a deeper coverage BUT it's more like a tinted lip butter shade - for a better result I would use a lip liner, which would be the same shade to create a better coverage!

"162 Nude" is one of my fav' - as it's a mixture between a nude (like the name itself;)) and a peachy shade. Really a gorgeous color for all light skin types and blonde or red heads!;)

"161 Sweetheart" a deep rose/light brown lipstick shade - which reminds me strongly on the 90s, I don't really know a lot about the makeup trends of the 90s (I was a 90s kid'!)) and I'm more interested about the 80s or 50s makeup trends and inspirations BUT this is a perfect shade for all of you, who would like to wear a metallic eye makeup and use a neutral BUT full  coverage lip color!

"158 Yours Forever" seems to be on the first sight a lovely "middle-deep" classic red shade BUT it contains more pink pigments, that I've though and it's more the typical beetroot red shade! For me it's a vibrant shade, which I'll use just for a very neutral face makeup to create a bold look;).

I've been really surprised about the texture, which isn't tooo greasy or too "cakey" - so it's perfect!;) The longlasting formula is as well pretty good BUT I would recommend to apply it twice a day to ensure the full coverage!

What's your fav' Velvet Touch Lipstick shade from Gosh Cosmetics?!

Have a gorgeous Sunday afternoon guys!;)


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