Sunday, 7 September 2014


Hi guys;),

this is my 2nd post about this years Voestalpine Klangwolke/Sound Cloud '14 - which should show you how amazing the firework was:

The firework was brilliant (but don't forget, that such a firework can be seen EACH! year on the 1st of January in Prague!) & the different music generes, which suits perfectly to this years show theme "Danube is alive"!

After it seems, that the firework is over, two helicopters flown over the sky and the last lights in each houses around were turned off - it was pretty dark and the smoke from the firework before was pretty huge - another last final firework art began:

Did you've seen such a firework as well?! Did you've visited ever one of the past Klangwolke shows - which are hold each year?!;)

Have a gorgeous Saturday WOOOOPS Sunday!;) 


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