Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fight Against Inner Anxiety: FULLFILL YOURSELF & Your DREAMS

Hi guys,

the last days I've been a bit low of energy - well the last weeks were a bit too stressful;) (Aaaaaagain;)) but I've already find a new way how to get in the mood to write productive as well as inspiring posts again - again and again - oh I JUST wanted to let you know, that I'm excited for the rest of this year what will happen, what I'll learn and what I'll see and reach until the 31th of December '14!;)

I'm happy, that I've grow sooooo much in the last months in my mind, the thinking about myself in the big big world and about what I'll REALLY reach and success in - but to be honest I'm still that bit crazy and highly creative chick' and weird person called Nika B.!;)

You know, as a cosmopolitan, natural girl and artistic soul - I'm gonna to change quite a few times in my whole life BUT one will be always the same - my mind for art (lifestyle, music, fashion taste etc.) won't change too much! - If that doesn't sounds a bit weird, than I don't know;).

Well what I wanted to write you or better to let you know is, that I'm excited for the next months, no matter, whether I'll reach my goals faster than I though or a bit slower! No matter, whether I'll see the whole world and capitals/main cities/towns (especially in the US and UK;)) in the next 4 years and No Matter whether I'll become THAT person I always wanted to become this or the next year or the next....

Did you've felt scared and a bit anxiety about some of your main life parts, about your own goals and did you've ever became a bit panic about, that this year will be finished in only 4 months (or a little less)?!

I would be sooooo interest to know your answer and meaning about this really important topic - don't let your fear become bigger than your hunger for your own special goals and success!

Wish you from the heart a lovely Wednesday!;)


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