Wednesday, 24 September 2014

EVERYDAY MINERALS: "Spring Berries" Tinted Lip Butter*

Hi guys,

as a lip product addicted girl - I've always NOT enough lip butters, lip balms and lip sticks - which brings me again to another product review about Everyday Minerals Lip Butter in the berry shade "Spring Berries"*:

Roses are one of my fav' flowers - so this rose flower illustration hits me!;)

"Spring Berries"* is a berry, darker transparent (light metallic shimmer sheen) rose/plum shade, which isn't easy to discribe. Maybe the hand product swatch will help you further:

It's really NOT a full coverage lip stain/butter (makeup) product BUT if you've natural rose/red lips you'll like it - I'm pretty sure;) - as I'm feeling always soooo comfy and casual with this shade, which helps to light up my lips a bit more!;)



.09oz / 2.6g
$ 6.00

How many shades are available?:

The Everyday Minerals Tinted Lip Butters* are available in 12 shades:

"Rose Petals", "Spring Berries", "Sweet Secret", "Honey Rose", "Blooming Mauve", "Can't Stop Grinning", "Fairly Mauve", "Pearly Plush", "Nearly Nude", "Sugared Mauve", "Caring Honey" and "Barely Nude"

My opinion:

It's a great opportunity how to moisturize, take care and give your lips a bit more shimmer and radiant look! Their range is HUGE and the natural ingredients makes this product even more better;)! I also appreciate the creamy non powdery lip butter texture, which will allows a clean and gentle application also on more dry lips! (BUT avoid to apply it on rough lip skin - that doesn't looks nice;))

Did you've ever tried out Everday Minerals?! What are you thinking about their makeup range & about their natural tinted lip butters* - which is your fav' shade (if you've ever tried them or one of them out;))?!

Hope to see you soon here again in my blogging world!;)


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