Saturday, 13 September 2014

EVERYDAY MINERALS: "blue velvet" mineral eyeliner*

Hi my beloved readers,

I've been always the kind of makeup girl type- who adore every kind of eyeliner (liquid, cake, powder etc.) and after I've received another type - a mineral eyeliner powder* in a dark blue jeans shade called "blue velvet" by Everyday Minerals - my interest has grown even more!;):

Everyday Minerals mineral eyeliner* - a VERY deep dark jeans/royal blue shade without shimmer & leaves a matte "blue Velvet" eyeline on your upper eyelids!;) 


.06 oz/1.7 g 
$ 10.00

Available where?:

Official Everyday Minerals Online Shop (HERE), Ecco Verde (Germany & Austria), Double Beauty (Netherlands), Saremi Health & Beauty (AUS), Cocktail CosmeticsEcco Verde (UK), Pure Skin Care (CZ) & on many other online shops, local stores all over the US & Europe (find on their official website HERE)

How to apply the perfect eyeline with this mineral eyeliner?:

1. For a great smooky eye - you can use it as the darkest eyeshadow on the inner corner of your upper eyelid or even to create powder/light eyelines with a dry brush (don't forget to tapping off before apply it onto your eyelid!).

2. For creating the perfect short, or thicker lines at your inner and outer lash lines on your upper eyelid - you'll need to create a liquid powder texture - therefore you'll need to add a few drops of water to blend the mineral eyeliner* in your hands or in a small glass (or on paper;)) until you'll have a smooth creamy liquid eyeliner.

My own opinion about Everyday Minerals Mineral Eyeliner in the shade "blue velvet":

I'm pretty much positively surprised about the easy application on my eyelids & the shade is a perfect alternative to the usual black or dark brown I'm using pretty much often (daily;))! The only disappointment I've to say is, that after I've been wearing it for almost the whole day (applied at 7:30 am - removed 8 pm) the eyeline seems don't to stay the whole day exactly like I've applied it in the morning - it's definitely NOT like a liquid (pen or pod) eyeline or even a gel eyeliner - which usually lasts longer!

BUT all in all I would totally recommend it to you to try it out (maybe you'll try another shade - depends on your choice and taste;)) & as it's a natural makeup brand - it's definitely a great eye makeup product for all of you who have sensitive skin!

Are you using some Everyday Minerals makeup products as well as I'm?!;) What's your fav' eye product from Everyday Minerals?!

Have a gorgeous evening;)!


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