Monday, 15 September 2014

EVERYDAY MINERALS: 2 Types Of Concealers*

Hi everyone;),

I'm absolutely the right person for trying out ALL kind of different concealers - as dark circles are my best friends;) (well in a kinda way;)). BUT to find the right shade for light/porcelain skin types is sometimes pretty hard to find.

Well so after I've received from Everyday Minerals a HUGE package to try and test out on myself - THANKS again;)! I was positively surprised to find 2 different kind of concealers in the PERFECT shade for me;)!:

1. Everyday Minerals Multi-Tasking Mineral Concealer:

This wonder powder called Multi-Tasking Mineral Concealer* is created for the lightest/fairest skin complexions and creates a smooth, weightless full coverage - which turns after it has been fully blended into a creamy mineral texture - which fades away any kind of imperfection and redness or even dark circles!

The Multi-Tasking Mineral Concealer* can be used on all skin types & it's really easy to apply this powder (concealer) with a small eyeshadow brush, concealer brush or even your fingers!


.06oz / 1.7g
$ 9.00

How many shades are available?:
Multi-Tasking Mineral Concealer* is available in 8 different shades for all (light to medium) skin types: "Fair", "Golden Fair", "Fairly Light", "Medium", "Multi-Tasking", "Medium Beige", "Buttered Tan", "Medium Tan"

My opinion:

This Multi-Tasking Mineral Concealer* in the shade "Fair" is on of my current fav' concealers - as the finish is natural & the coverage is almost 100%tly! - Which means, I can use it for my dark circles, for my blemishes or imperfections and for any redness near nose area!;)

Would totally recommend it to you all guys - just avoid use it without any moisturizer if you've a dry skin type - to avoid a "cracky" makeup finish!

2. Everyday Minerals Creme Conceal Stick*:

The Creme Conceal Stick* with the shade "vanilla" - which is a light ivory/porcelain shade suits my facial skin perfectly BUT it's NOT a 100% coverage type of concealer.

It is made more for the typcial natural/weekend makeup finish - where you're applying your fav' tinted moisturizer and need a bit 'xtra coverage under your eyes and other parts of your facial skin.


Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Wax, Elderberry Fruit Extract, Tocopherol, Rosemary Extract

May Contain:

Titanium Dioxide (CI7789) Iron Oxides (CI7749, CI77499)


.09oz / 2.6g 
$ 10.00

How many shades are available?:
Creme Conceal Stick* is available in 6 different shades for all skin shades: "Cream Creme", "Nude Creme", "Vanilla Creme", "Sand Creme", "Sesame Creme" and "Honey Creme"

My opinion:

It's a creamy natural concealer, which doesn't completely or 100%tly cover all your spots, blemishes or dark circles BUT it gives your whole face a radiant and fresh finish! The scent isn't too strong BUT also not perfumed/scented with an aroma - typical for natural cosmetic products!

I would recommend the Creme Conceal Stick* to all of you, who don't have really bad skin condition (not too much blemishes or acne or horror dark circles) and just need to cover the smallest imperfections!

Creme Conceal Stick* is a quite good natural concealer, which is priceable and great for your school/work makeup bag for regular makeup refreshing times!

Did you've a problem to find the right shade for your skin type as well or did you've tried out some of Everyday Minerals concealers until yet?!

Let me know that in your comments & hope to see you here on my blogging world soon again;)!


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