Sunday, 14 September 2014

bebe MORE: Hydra Splash Multi-Creme-Gel Review*

Hi guys;),

the last days have been soooo busy, fast and also (like usual;)) stressful. During such days my skin begins to become more dry, red or I'm getting quite often dark circles under my eyes (due to stress/low sleep etc.) well - that's one of the reasons why I've been interested in trying out again some of the latest facial treatments and other cosmetic products, which helps to relax, calm and regenerate your body & facial skin!

After I've received almost one week ago another great product from bebe MORE to review and test it out on myself - I have been sooooo interested and excited to try it on myself and here's the product itself (to know, what product I'm talking about;)):

It's a kinda fast absorbing gel cream, which can be used daily as an hydratation cream or as a facial mask for 'xtra moisture! bebe MORE Hydra Splash Multi-Creme-Gel* contains sea minerals & vitamines, it has a refreshing scent and it DOESN'T leaves a greasy/oily facial skin!
How to apply:

If you're using it daily as your moisturizer - just apply it like you're used to apply your fav' daily moisturizer - it absorbs as mentioned above VERY fast!;)

If you would like to use it as a facial mask - just apply it a bit thicker on your whole facial skin and leave it for approx. 3 min.. To remove the "mask" just use two large cotton pads or some smaller ones and you'll see like soft and refreshed your facial skin will looks like!;)


My own opinion:

I'm thinking bebe MORE Hydra Splash Multi-Creme-Gel* is NOT a high-end product, it's in fact a drugstore product with a priceable price BUT it's a REALLY GOOD drugstore product, which can be used with high-end products in combination! My dark circles doesn't fades away after I've made the "mask" BUT my skin was really a bit more softer and feels more refreshed - without getting any redness (what sometimes happened on my face after a facial mask)!

The only disapointment I've to make is, that during the 3 min. of my "facial mask time" - the comfortable cooling effect turns to be (after approx. 2 min.) a bit hotter & I've got the feeling that my skin would burn a bit (without gettin red!) so maybe that's one of the steps to get a refreshing look - hm?!;)

All in all I would recommend bebe MORE Hydra Splash Multi-Creme-Gel* to you, if you're a normal skin tone with just a bit blemishes. For acne/teenage skin I would use something more specific & for teenage skin recommended products! For super sensitive skin types you should try it out on a small part of your facial skin to avoid getting some allergic reactions or to avoid getting a higher "burn" feeling!;)

Did you've ever used some of the bebe MORE products - it's the facial line for a bit older customers, which have used during their teenage years the bebe Young Care range!;)

I hope you're all well and wish you a great Sunday:)


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