Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Andy Wolf Eyewear - Autumn/Winter '14*

Hi guys,

the last days I've received sooooo many news about different fashion accessoires and trends - one of them is the Autumn/Winter '14 eyewear collection from Andy Wolf:

No. 1:
(Photo Credits: Andy Wolf)

"Candy" the plastic wonder is the latest main sunglass model of the whole Andy Wolf Autumn/Winter '14 eyewear collection and it's a real statment glass, which is well known by many celebrities- the model Gina W..

Price: 209.00€

(Photo Credits: Andy Wolf)

These "Cool Cat" real cat eye glasses with green/brown frame are high-fashion with a vintage twist!;)

Price: 449.00€

No. 3:

(Photo Credits: Andy Wolf)

This is the perfect combination between new and old - "Retro Future" a combination between black and gold  with as strong design and tiny frame! 

Price: 349.00€

No. 4:

(Photo Credits: Andy Wolf)

This is the perfect "Nude Dream", which is sooo pure and clean, that you'll get the best fashion police freedom you can even get!;)

Price: 389.00€

No. 5:

(Photo Credits: Andy Wolf)

These round "Renee P." apricot & havanna sunglasses are the perfect friend for chillin' and comfy cozy nights near the fireplace!

Price: 299.00€

He presents the Top-5-Winter-Shades, which should represent perfectly the next winter months - where some of you maybe will go skying, roasting chestnuts near the fireplace and chat with friends and family with a glass of fruit punch.

Did you've heard about Andy Wolf's sunglasses before?! Which would be your fav' sunglass or glass?!;)

Wish you all a great and awesome Wednesday!;)

(*non-paid PR Post)

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