Sunday, 28 September 2014


Hi guys;),

the last days were pretty warm and sunny - so I though to wear today one of my latest cotton stripe dresses from Forever 21 with some cozy warm bordeaux red long socks:

What I've worn:

White/bordeaux red striped cotton dress - Forever 21
Bordeaux red wool long socks - h&m (vintage/old)
Leather Suede Ankle Boots - Tamaris (vintage/old)

I wish you a wonderful Sunday evening and hope to see you here again;)!


GOSH - Velvet Touch Lipstick Swatches*

Hi everyone;),

I've been recently testing out some of the latest Velvet Touch Lipsticks* from Gosh Cosmetics, which should create a velvet finish on your lips with the creamness texture and reflecting pigments:

First of all I've used a moisturizing lip balm on my plain pure lips;):

After that I've let the colors raise up!;)

I've thought that "156 Romance" a pretty pale/pastel pink shade would have a deeper coverage BUT it's more like a tinted lip butter shade - for a better result I would use a lip liner, which would be the same shade to create a better coverage!

"162 Nude" is one of my fav' - as it's a mixture between a nude (like the name itself;)) and a peachy shade. Really a gorgeous color for all light skin types and blonde or red heads!;)

"161 Sweetheart" a deep rose/light brown lipstick shade - which reminds me strongly on the 90s, I don't really know a lot about the makeup trends of the 90s (I was a 90s kid'!)) and I'm more interested about the 80s or 50s makeup trends and inspirations BUT this is a perfect shade for all of you, who would like to wear a metallic eye makeup and use a neutral BUT full  coverage lip color!

"158 Yours Forever" seems to be on the first sight a lovely "middle-deep" classic red shade BUT it contains more pink pigments, that I've though and it's more the typical beetroot red shade! For me it's a vibrant shade, which I'll use just for a very neutral face makeup to create a bold look;).

I've been really surprised about the texture, which isn't tooo greasy or too "cakey" - so it's perfect!;) The longlasting formula is as well pretty good BUT I would recommend to apply it twice a day to ensure the full coverage!

What's your fav' Velvet Touch Lipstick shade from Gosh Cosmetics?!

Have a gorgeous Sunday afternoon guys!;)


Friday, 26 September 2014

Autumn/Winter '14 GOSH Cosmetics Event*

Hi everyone,

I've been invited some days ago to visit the lovely 25hours hotel Vienna and to escape the latest makeup products from Gosh Cosmetics Autumn/Winter '14 collection:

The loft of 25hours hotel Vienna is really urban styled like the whole hotel as well as the vintage furniture gives the room a total unique atmosphere - I just love such a mix of different decades!;)

Their latest eye makeup - Forever Eye Shadow, is available in 8 different shades

 (01 Silver Rose, 02 Beige, 03 Light Cooper, 04 Brown, 05 Grey, 06 Plum, 07 Blue, 08 Green)

Some of Gosh Cosmetics latest lip makeup news are the Lip Lacquer (something between a creamy lipstain, lipstick and gloss - All in 1 and packaged in a kinda lip polish glass bottle), which is available in 8 great pigmented shades with vitamine E and argan oil for high pigmentation and beautiful cared lips!;9

fritz limo/kola as well as other austrian soft drinks were available - I've tried out the fritz kola, which isn't like classic Coke BUT it's also vegan - for all of you who are vegans (I'm more vegetarian - can't live without milk;))

Gosh Cosmetics has introduced as well 4 Velvet Touch Lipsticks (156 Romance, 158 Yours Forever, 161 Sweetheart and 162 Nude), which contains light reflecting pigments to create bright and "eye catching" lips as well as they contain vitamine E and they moisturize your lips.

 Healthy fruit snacks, mozzarella cheese with fresh tomatoes and basil and also this beautiful vintage aztec inspired carpet has won my heart, and it perfectly match with my boots;)!

I've really enjoyed beeing there and escape all their latest makeup stuff and to chat a bit with some nice other (austrian & international) bloggers!;)

Did you've been also somewhere this week and did you've already tried out some of Gosh Cosmetics makeup?!

Wish you all a great and inspiring weekend;)!


Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Hi everyone:),

the last months I've been lucky to review and test out some of the latest and by myself new makeup products, which inspire me also for few new makeup tutorials and this one called "Freedom Soul" should show the real power of each young girl, women on earth! - oh I just try guys;):

It's a bold feminine look, which I've completed with a pearl metallic lipstick by Max Factor*.

What you'll need for the "Base":

I've used:

Everyday Minerals Creme Concealer Sticks - shade: vanilla*
Catrice Cosmetics Eye Brow Stylist- shade: 020 Date With Ash-ton

What you'll need for the "Finish":

I've used:

Everyday Minerals Pink Ribbon blush*
100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Eye Shadow - shade: St. Tropez*
Everyday Minerals eye shadow - shade: she's artistic*
Max Factor Excess Intensity Longwear eyeliner - shade: excessive brown*
Max Factor Colour Elexir Lipstick - shade: 894 Raisin*

It also has a bit vintage finish - which maybe made the cat eyes also the light toned skin foundation finish!;)

How you find my "Freedom Soul" makeup of the day?! Would you like to try it out too?! I would definitely recommend it for your next date hun'!;)


EVERYDAY MINERALS: "Spring Berries" Tinted Lip Butter*

Hi guys,

as a lip product addicted girl - I've always NOT enough lip butters, lip balms and lip sticks - which brings me again to another product review about Everyday Minerals Lip Butter in the berry shade "Spring Berries"*:

Roses are one of my fav' flowers - so this rose flower illustration hits me!;)

"Spring Berries"* is a berry, darker transparent (light metallic shimmer sheen) rose/plum shade, which isn't easy to discribe. Maybe the hand product swatch will help you further:

It's really NOT a full coverage lip stain/butter (makeup) product BUT if you've natural rose/red lips you'll like it - I'm pretty sure;) - as I'm feeling always soooo comfy and casual with this shade, which helps to light up my lips a bit more!;)



.09oz / 2.6g
$ 6.00

How many shades are available?:

The Everyday Minerals Tinted Lip Butters* are available in 12 shades:

"Rose Petals", "Spring Berries", "Sweet Secret", "Honey Rose", "Blooming Mauve", "Can't Stop Grinning", "Fairly Mauve", "Pearly Plush", "Nearly Nude", "Sugared Mauve", "Caring Honey" and "Barely Nude"

My opinion:

It's a great opportunity how to moisturize, take care and give your lips a bit more shimmer and radiant look! Their range is HUGE and the natural ingredients makes this product even more better;)! I also appreciate the creamy non powdery lip butter texture, which will allows a clean and gentle application also on more dry lips! (BUT avoid to apply it on rough lip skin - that doesn't looks nice;))

Did you've ever tried out Everday Minerals?! What are you thinking about their makeup range & about their natural tinted lip butters* - which is your fav' shade (if you've ever tried them or one of them out;))?!

Hope to see you soon here again in my blogging world!;)