Saturday, 30 August 2014

Revlon ´24h - Hours ´ Gentle Facial Cleaning

Hi guys;),

a LONG week is finally over (a lot of stressful times as well as happier;)) and as I've bought 2 days ago completely (for me) new facial cleansing products, which are both from Revlon and made in South Africa. I thought to show you them and let you know for what you're using them and what benefits they've!;)

1. Revlon ' 24 - Hours ' Gentle Cleansing Milk:

This 400ml pump bottle full of gentle creamy lotion/milk suits perfectly each skin type and should effectively cleanse and remove any kind of make up on your face and neck. It contains cotton honeydew extract - which helps to maintain the skin's natural moisture skin balance, protect your face from environmental stresses.

How to apply:

Just massage this gentle cleansing milk (gentle) onto your face and neck (if needed) and remove it with a tissue and follow with '24 - Hours ' Gentle Toner.

2. Revlon ' 24 - Hours ' Gentle Toner:

This is a 400ml pump bottle - a great value of simple gentle toner, which as well will suits each skin type!;) It tones and softens your facial skin and it's the perfect "friend" after you've used the ' 24 - Hours ' Gentle Cleansing Milk! As it as well contains cotton honeydew extract - which helps to maintain your skin's natural moisture and the toner as well balance and protect the facial skin from environmental stresses (like described above;)). 

How to apply:

Pump/Soak onto a clean cotton pad and apply it smooth over your face/neck. To achieve the best result you should use (like described) their ' 24 - Hours ' face cream - which as well matches each skin type!

My opinion: 

I pretty enjoy to use the ' 24 - Hours ' Gentle Toner as it has a refreshing and high-moisture result on my face and the scent isn't tooo strong! In fact it reminds me a bit on the baby scent - which you smell in the sensitive fabric conditioner. The ' 24 - Hours ' Gentle Cleansing Milk has a light peachy/rose shade, the scent is pretty the same and it removes each type of makeup BUT for a waterproof mascara or eyeliner I'd choose another cleansing milk - as you would need too much of the product to remove it carefully!

All in all these two facial cleansing products by Revlon are pretty good and inexpensive (each costs approx. 5.99€ in our local Müller chemist).

What about you?! Did you've tried one of these facial cleansing products from Revlon out yet and what's your opinion about them?!;)

Wish you all a great comfy weekend with LOTS of inspiration!;)


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