Tuesday, 12 August 2014

PINK SIXTIES - Makeup Tutorial*

Hi guys;),

I've been testing out some of the latest Max Factor products - and what I've to say, the most of them are AMAZIIIIIIING!;) (well as M.F. is one of my fav' drugstore makeup brand - it's typical, that most of them are loved by myself and become a main place in my makeup drawer!;)).

As it's August and I'm at the moment (well since Spring to be honest;)) in love with each pink/rose and pastell shades - I though to create a nice simple, vintage inspired look called "Pink Sixties" - as 'cause of the eyeline it gets finally the finish for the perfect girly 60s look!

I'm really enjoying to wear the Excess Intensity Longwear Eyeliner* in the shade 06, which is the perfect middle dark brown for blue eyes like I've or as well it would suit perfectly to you if you've green eyes!

Positive Point: It's really longlasting (like the brand says - 12 hours!) , as I'm usually wearing my makeup until 6:30 pm  (during work days) and you won't be able to smudge the eyeliner* on your eyelid!;)

Negative Point: as it's a plastic pencil case - the silver print as well as the logo etc. fast fades away - which is annoying even if you'll have the products a bit longer and I've NOT put it in my bag or anywhere else to accelerate the print galling. You can pretty easy remove the Excess Intensity Longwear Eyeliner* with your eye make-up remover or even your facial wash/toner - not really waterproof at all! 

Max Factor's Colour Elixir Gloss* is the fav' of all latest products by Max Factor I've tried out the last weeks!;) Each Elixir Gloss* has the lovely sweet (BUT not too sweet;)) vanilla creamy scent - which reminds me always on vanilla pudding I don't know - maybe that seems strange for you, BUT I just love the not too strong but real Vanilla sweet scent. Oh I've used the shade: 10 - "Pristine Nude";).

Positive Point: It's not greasy, fatty or even sticky like other lipglosses are - in fact, I've NOT used long any kind of lipgloss before I've tried the Colour Elixir Gloss range out - it's the first gloss kinda lip makeup, which doesn't got me angry or even unsatisfied!;) The shades are for all skin types and I'm sure they'll add some more pink/red/nude shades in the future - as this gloss product is AMAZING!;)

Negative Point: Nothing at all!;)

The next product from Max Factor was the Clump Defy Extensions False Lash Effect mascara in the shade: Black. Well as I'm really NOT a professional in the mascara world - I'm NOT wearing each day one!

Eye Makeup View:

Positive Point: The packaging has the typical mascara bottle shape, a lovely lilac/magenta pearl shade with golden print (which lasts - definitely NOT like the bad print on the Max Factor Excess Intensity!) and the mascara brush has a light wave - which should allow to apply the mascara as good as possible and create the "defy lash extensions look"!;) Well as my natural lashes are a bit wavy at all it seems to be a good mascara - as well it doesn't smudge during sweating as well as raining!

Negative Point: Nothing.

For the base I've used Max Factor's Whipped Creme Foundation* in the shade:  47 Blushing Beige (which is normally 1-2 shades too dark for my pale skin BUT as I've got finally a light "golden";) tan during the last summer months it suits me a bit better;)). For my eye lids I've used 1. Max Factor's Wild Shadow Pot* in the shade 101 Pale Pebble, 2. Max Factor's Wild Shadow Pot*  in the shade 25 Savage Rose.

....and voila my "Pink Sixties" very girly, pale and romantic makeup look is finished!;)

How did you find this makeup idea?! Let me know that in your comments - which kind of makeup tutorial I should make at next?!

Wish you (my lovely readers;)) a wonderful afternoon!


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