Thursday, 21 August 2014

Pandora's Autumn '14 - Ring Collection*

Hi guys,

the last time I've become a rose gold girl (like maybe some of you too;)) and as this year the trend of the latest jewelry become more gold (BUT rose gold is still VERY popular)  - I'd like to show you the latest rings from the official Pandora Autumn '14 collection:
(Photo Credits: Pandora)

The latest Pandora rings are made with high end gold, sterling silver and sparkling stones , which will be a unique fashion accessoire for your OOTD!;) The zirconia gemstones are shining on the soft gold/sterling-silver rings (as well as on their bracelets, necklaces etc.) and also on the Bi-Color-Rings with 14k gold in the super cute and gorgeous heart shape (my fav' ring from the whole collection!;)).

You can wear each ring seperate as a statement or you could combine some of them - as the different shapes, shades and materials will allow you to create an unique fashion look and an eye-catcher on your hands!;)

For more informations feel free and visit Pandora on their official page

The Autumn '14 ring collection will be available from 28th of August 2014 

What would be your fav' from the latest Pandora ring Autumn '14 collection?!

Wish you a lovely afternoon!
(*non-paid PR Post)

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