Wednesday, 6 August 2014

NOA NOA available by*

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today I've got exciting news - Noa Noa will be from 9th of August '14 (so already from Saturday!;))  available in Austria on

For all of you - who don't know Noa Noa (and though "What's it?! I HAVE NO IDEA!;)) - it's a scandinavian designer clothes brand/label - who are creating such cute, romantic and a bit vintage inspired clothes, perfectly for the daily wear as well as for a dating night or an important event! 

(Photo Credit: Noa Noa, vente-privee)

Noa Noa fashion has always the needed simpleness and feminine touch as well as it's super stylish and comfy to wear their fashion pieces!

The Story (you can read their full "About" story HERE):

The Northern Zealand feminine and romantic brand was created in the 80s (1981) by two brothers (Harald & Lars Holstein) and they've had one goal to create a different style against the hard-edged fashion during the early 80s. 

The Name "Noa Noa" itself means "simple and harmonious" in Tahitian should show the feminine and bohemian part. They are all designed in Denmark and manufactured all around the world.

The high-end and high-quality designer fashion brand has grown during the last years and it's today owned by Axcel (Copenhagen-based private equity firm) and their clothes are sold in 25 countries in over 160 concept stores and 1000 multi-brand stores all around the world!
(Photo Credit: Noa Noa, vente-privee)

It includes:

Noa Noa Woman (Here), Noa Noa miniature (Here), Noa Noa miniature baby collections (Here)

It's the innovator and worldwide market leader in the area online flash sales. Established in 2001, since than vente-privee is selling high-end and designer goods as an E-Commerce-Specialist. More than 22 mio. members are already benefit from the 3-5 day Event-Sales - which are organized in close cooperations with 2500 well-known international multifaceted brands. Exclusive and direct partnerships with the brands enable the high price reduction on the recommended retail price from the brand itself. 

I've browsed through the official Noa Noa page and was pretty overwhelmed about their lovely Dresses as well as their great accessories (like the Benita Ankle boots).

Did you've heard about Noa Noa or even bought something in the online shop of!

(*non-paid PR Post)

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