Saturday, 2 August 2014

NIVEA Indulging Cleansing Milk*

Hi guys,

I'm sure you all know the facial care and cleansing part after you've been the whole day at work, school or even after a long night at one of your fav' club - remove your makeup!

It's pretty important to do that - ALWAYS! after each day (if you're wearing any BB Cream/Tinted Moisturizer, Powder and other makeup stuff!) - Your skin will thank you!

You definitely don't need the most expensive treatment to remove regular or even waterproof makeup and mascara - just find the right one for your skin type and which cleanses 100%tly and gently your facial skin - avoid irritations or even redness.

Well I'm pretty gentle to my facial skin (as I've a quite sensitive one) BUT I'm not buying often the same makeup remover/removing treatement - as I'm a blogger;). Which means, that I'm pretty interest to try out as many as possible BUT if I'd be in love and amazed about one - I'd skip the other and rebuy the one, which suits myself at most.

Well recently I've got another one by Nivea called "Indulging Cleansing Milk"* for dry to sensitive skin types, which should gently and efficient remove ANY kind of makeup and dirtiness. As it contains almond oil and hydra IQ it also calms and moisturize your facial skin and it's dermatologically tested.

Price: approx. 5.49 € / 200ml

The Indulging Cleansing Milk* by Nivea for dry to sensible skin types is available in each regular drugstore/chemist as well as supermarket/grocery from July 2014.

For more information feel free to visit Nivea's official page: HERE

My own opinion:

I'm pretty amazed about  the creamy white "milky" texture and the refreshing scent (not toooo strong and powdery) as well as the application is pretty easy - just squeeze 1-2 hazelnut portions on your hand and massage it onto your facial skin. After that you've to remove it with cotton pads and it's pretty easy and fast to remove any eye makeup as well! (but you should avoid the eye area guys!;)).

Well I'd give for this product 3 Stars (from 5 Stars) - as it's a pretty good drugstore moisturizing makeup remover milk/treatment and good for the price - would recommend it to you, if you've pretty sensitive skin BUT for too dry and flaky facial skin I'd grab something more hydrative and oily!

What's your fav' makeup remover?! Did you've ever tried one from Nivea?!

Wish you a nice and sunny weekend!


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