Saturday, 30 August 2014

"Most Glamorous Nudes Ever" Eyeshadow Kit by Benefit Cosmetics

Hi everyone;),

as I've been writing and talking a lot the last time about Benefit Cosmetics - which creates absolutely vintage labeled, high quality and high end makeup and facial care products with a huge variety of different shades and textures - I though to introduce on my blog as well their World Famous Neutrals Palette "Most Glamorous Nudes Ever" (which is available in 2 other shades : "Easiest Nudes Ever", "Sexiest Nudes Ever"):

The Eyeshadow Palette/Kit comes as each Benefit Cosmetics product in a  gorgeous vintage inspired packaging with bronze/rose gold label/writing on it and it's made of thick (cardboard) paper.

On the cover inside you'll find a mirror, a "Day/Night" Makeup Tutorial/Tips - which makes it easier to use this Kit and create wonderful looks during traveling or rush - hours! 

Like on the back of the "Most Glamorous Nudes Ever" Kit pictured the creamy/powder shadows looks like this in the reality:

So the shadows are in reality pretty much the same (like on the back picture above;))! I enjoy to wear the earthy/rose shades during usual work or weekends! As they are really good pigmented and longlasting and I can simply create a fresh looking look after a long week or just to let my blue eyes sparkle a bit more (mostly I'm using call my buff as base and than apply in the corner gilt-y pleasure and a bit of it's complicated and voila a fresh and shiny eye look is born;)!).

Hand Swatch of the 4 powdery shadows:

The two creamy eyeshadows can be used to create a wet and waterproof eyeshadow look or just as a base are as well earthy/nude shades and high pigmented BUT not too much shiny or glitter-ish - just perfect for a luxury eye makeup!;):

Hand Swatch of the 2 creamy shadows:

The "birthday suit" creamy shadow is the perfect base before using the "call my buff" shadow to lighten up a bit more your upper eyelids as well as to give them the needed "Bene-Babe" 'xtra touch!;)

"My two cents" a bronze toned creamy eyeshadow should be applied in the right portion - avoid use it as much as the other powder shadows and "birthday suit" if you're a pale/light toned skin type, because as much darker you'll apply "my two cents" onto your eye lid - it could happen, that you've created a "sick" eye look! But if you've olive skin tone or more darker than Ivory skin type you could use "my two cents" perfectly as an illuminizer and lighten up your eye lid!;)

This kid is REALLY worth to try out guys! I've been soooo positive surprised by the high pigmentation and long lasting (like mentioned few words above;)) as well about the cute packaging - which can be used after you've finished your kit as a little storage for your cosmetic samples or for your jewelry!;)

£23.50, 32,00 €

Did you've tried out any Benefit Cosmetics products out yet?! Or did you own the same "Most Glamourous Nudes Ever..." Eyeshadow kit?!

Have a gorgeous Saturday afternoon!


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