Thursday, 21 August 2014

Max Factor's Juicy Strawberry MOTD*

Hi guys;),

on Monday I've worn this awesome fruity inspired makeup (MOTD means "Makeup Of The Day" - for all of you, who have never heard it;)) and it also reminds me strongly on Minnie Mouse. I don't know, just let yourself inspired by "Juicy Strawberry" MOTD, which I've just create with Max Factor* products:

I've used plain white/pearl eyeshadow shades, red pink/coral shade blush as well as a red/rose lipstick to create this juicy look, which is perfect as well for the next fall/autumn months - as for us porcelain/ivory skin types, it's important to get a vibrant color to sparkle even more!;)

Well if you're (deep) tanned from the last summer vac' or even a darker skin shade - no matter, just use a darker pink/coral blush as well as a lighter lipstick shade to get the most of it & feel juicy!;)

To create the perfect glow' and vintage inspired cat eye - I've used Max Factor's Excess Intensity Longwear Eyeliner* (shade: 06 - deep brown) and made a thin eyeline on my upper eyelid, which I've ended up with a light wave - to create the perfect thin cat eye look!

I've natural blonde hair and as my eyebrows were always a bit darker and thick enough - I've not used any eyebrow pencil for this tutorial - to pay attention more on the eyemakeup and give this whole look a not toooo dramatic finish!

What I've used to create the "Juicy Strawberry" MOTD?:

Max Factor's Face Finity All Day Primer with SPF 20
Max Factor's CC Colour Correcting Cream in the shade 50 natural with SPF 10
Max Factor's 2000 Calorie Waterproof Volume Mascara in the shade 1 black
Max Factor's Colour Elixir Lipstick in the shade 894 raisin (a red/rose/brown pearly shade)
Max Factor's Flawless Perfection Blush in the shade 221 classic pink
Max Factor's Masterpiece Colour Precision Eyeshadow in the shade 5 pearl beige
Max Factor's Excess Intensity Longwear Eyeliner in the shade 06 deep brown
Max Factor's Wild Shadow Pot in the shade 101 Pale Pebble (a custard cream pearly shade)

As well I've used two of my latest fav' brushes from realTechniques:

buffing brush (for makeup/foundation/cream/primer), contour brush (for blushes/bronzers)
Available in their Core Collection brush kit online - HERE

I'm really happy with the result of this "Juicy Strawberry" MOTD idea and would really like to know, whether you'd like to re-make it as well and post it on your blog?! Or did you've worn such a makeup as well in the past?!

Wish you a lovely sunny Thursday & a great weekend!


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