Sunday, 10 August 2014

DIY SMOOTHIE #3: Fluffy Berry

Hi guys;),

as you already may have read and regard my last smoothie recipes from my "DIY" post collection - I've though to share with you one of my latest and really simple fruity idea:

I've always wanted to try out simple BUT VERY delicious and ultra healthy smoothies and juices, which could be add to your regular meals as well as after work-outs, as a snack or just for a sweet tooth as me!;) 

I'm sure you would like to grab after your own blender and mix your fav' smoothie and try some yummy recipes as well if you would know, that an homemade or as I'm calling them "DIY" smoothie is much lower in price than a regular premade/packed smoothie in your local drugstore - and the best - you REALLY know, what's inside guys!;)

Wheat Grass powder is a really vitamine and mineral rich super food - you can add it to your fav' juice, blend it well in a yummy smoothie like this or just add it to your daily regular (sparkling) water.

....and blend ALL the healthy and fresh yummy ingredients together!;) You guys already may know, that I'm using for my smoothies the Illumina Jug Blender* by Russell Hobbs - which can be used to create such delicious smoothies as well as soups, mash as well as ice crushing!

How did you find this recipe?! Would you like to try it out as well?! (it's really delicious and if you would make it thicker as a sauce - which you could use as a healthier cheesecake sauce - just let you know!;)).


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