Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Clarisonic Mia 2 - Review*

Hi my beloved readers;),

it's been a longer time since I've wrote my last post - but unfortunately I've not (again) much time to blog and prepare or shoot for some new posts - well especially I'm currently in a BIG stressful time as well as quite sad, as my oldest brother died on 18th of August '14 and so I've not been in the mood to write as much posts! Also my oldest sister has visited us last week for almost 4 days - so the last week was soon over and I'm (again) sooooo sorry guys!

Well this shouldn't be just a "sorry I've NOT blogged the last days" post  - instead I'd really like to review and show you guys one of my latest facial beauty treatment secrets.

The Mia2 face brush* by Clarisonic is the perfect friend for each of us young ladies - who loves to pamper their facial skin as much as possible and to remove 100% makeup or any other dirtyness and avoid to get skin imperfections, dry skin or even aging!

The whole Clarisonic Mia2*  facial brush kit comes with the Mia2 brush, a pLink adapter, sensitive brush head, a sample of their own official Clarisonic facial wash (30ml) and a travel case, which should take care of your beloved Mia2 on all your adventures!;)

The brush head should be changed each 3th month (like your toothbrush!) as you WON'T clean your facial skin a year long (or maybe almost a year) with just one brush head - which could contain any death skin or other bacterial parts! 

That's really great - as you can choose from a wide range of different brushes:

In Germany/Austria: Deep Pore, Delicate, Sensitive, Normal

In which countries could I buy the Mia2 or other Clarisonic facial/body brushes?

149.00 € , £125.00, $ 149.00

My first impression/opinion about Clarisonic's Mia2:

I've been using the Mia2* now for almost 3 days and must say, that my facial skin is softer, cleaner and what's maybe the most important point - you save sooooo much of your fav' (gentle) facial cleanser, as you'll need just a really tiny small portion of it to blend it well into your face and gently cleanse it with low warm water (after you've cleaned your face with Mia2*!;)).

The Travel Case is pretty matte white and will be used by myself (I'm sure!) pretty much often! The Battery Indicator technology interest me maybe at most - it's pretty exciting how fast technology grow further!;) And the pale pastel Pink shade - it's one of my fav' shades on earth - you know it guys!;)

Did you've been using any Clarisonic facial/body brushes in the past or still use or bought it?!

Wish you all a great late night!;)


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