Saturday, 30 August 2014

"Most Glamorous Nudes Ever" Eyeshadow Kit by Benefit Cosmetics

Hi everyone;),

as I've been writing and talking a lot the last time about Benefit Cosmetics - which creates absolutely vintage labeled, high quality and high end makeup and facial care products with a huge variety of different shades and textures - I though to introduce on my blog as well their World Famous Neutrals Palette "Most Glamorous Nudes Ever" (which is available in 2 other shades : "Easiest Nudes Ever", "Sexiest Nudes Ever"):

The Eyeshadow Palette/Kit comes as each Benefit Cosmetics product in a  gorgeous vintage inspired packaging with bronze/rose gold label/writing on it and it's made of thick (cardboard) paper.

On the cover inside you'll find a mirror, a "Day/Night" Makeup Tutorial/Tips - which makes it easier to use this Kit and create wonderful looks during traveling or rush - hours! 

Like on the back of the "Most Glamorous Nudes Ever" Kit pictured the creamy/powder shadows looks like this in the reality:

So the shadows are in reality pretty much the same (like on the back picture above;))! I enjoy to wear the earthy/rose shades during usual work or weekends! As they are really good pigmented and longlasting and I can simply create a fresh looking look after a long week or just to let my blue eyes sparkle a bit more (mostly I'm using call my buff as base and than apply in the corner gilt-y pleasure and a bit of it's complicated and voila a fresh and shiny eye look is born;)!).

Hand Swatch of the 4 powdery shadows:

The two creamy eyeshadows can be used to create a wet and waterproof eyeshadow look or just as a base are as well earthy/nude shades and high pigmented BUT not too much shiny or glitter-ish - just perfect for a luxury eye makeup!;):

Hand Swatch of the 2 creamy shadows:

The "birthday suit" creamy shadow is the perfect base before using the "call my buff" shadow to lighten up a bit more your upper eyelids as well as to give them the needed "Bene-Babe" 'xtra touch!;)

"My two cents" a bronze toned creamy eyeshadow should be applied in the right portion - avoid use it as much as the other powder shadows and "birthday suit" if you're a pale/light toned skin type, because as much darker you'll apply "my two cents" onto your eye lid - it could happen, that you've created a "sick" eye look! But if you've olive skin tone or more darker than Ivory skin type you could use "my two cents" perfectly as an illuminizer and lighten up your eye lid!;)

This kid is REALLY worth to try out guys! I've been soooo positive surprised by the high pigmentation and long lasting (like mentioned few words above;)) as well about the cute packaging - which can be used after you've finished your kit as a little storage for your cosmetic samples or for your jewelry!;)

£23.50, 32,00 €

Did you've tried out any Benefit Cosmetics products out yet?! Or did you own the same "Most Glamourous Nudes Ever..." Eyeshadow kit?!

Have a gorgeous Saturday afternoon!


Revlon ´24h - Hours ´ Gentle Facial Cleaning

Hi guys;),

a LONG week is finally over (a lot of stressful times as well as happier;)) and as I've bought 2 days ago completely (for me) new facial cleansing products, which are both from Revlon and made in South Africa. I thought to show you them and let you know for what you're using them and what benefits they've!;)

1. Revlon ' 24 - Hours ' Gentle Cleansing Milk:

This 400ml pump bottle full of gentle creamy lotion/milk suits perfectly each skin type and should effectively cleanse and remove any kind of make up on your face and neck. It contains cotton honeydew extract - which helps to maintain the skin's natural moisture skin balance, protect your face from environmental stresses.

How to apply:

Just massage this gentle cleansing milk (gentle) onto your face and neck (if needed) and remove it with a tissue and follow with '24 - Hours ' Gentle Toner.

2. Revlon ' 24 - Hours ' Gentle Toner:

This is a 400ml pump bottle - a great value of simple gentle toner, which as well will suits each skin type!;) It tones and softens your facial skin and it's the perfect "friend" after you've used the ' 24 - Hours ' Gentle Cleansing Milk! As it as well contains cotton honeydew extract - which helps to maintain your skin's natural moisture and the toner as well balance and protect the facial skin from environmental stresses (like described above;)). 

How to apply:

Pump/Soak onto a clean cotton pad and apply it smooth over your face/neck. To achieve the best result you should use (like described) their ' 24 - Hours ' face cream - which as well matches each skin type!

My opinion: 

I pretty enjoy to use the ' 24 - Hours ' Gentle Toner as it has a refreshing and high-moisture result on my face and the scent isn't tooo strong! In fact it reminds me a bit on the baby scent - which you smell in the sensitive fabric conditioner. The ' 24 - Hours ' Gentle Cleansing Milk has a light peachy/rose shade, the scent is pretty the same and it removes each type of makeup BUT for a waterproof mascara or eyeliner I'd choose another cleansing milk - as you would need too much of the product to remove it carefully!

All in all these two facial cleansing products by Revlon are pretty good and inexpensive (each costs approx. 5.99€ in our local Müller chemist).

What about you?! Did you've tried one of these facial cleansing products from Revlon out yet and what's your opinion about them?!;)

Wish you all a great comfy weekend with LOTS of inspiration!;)


Thursday, 21 August 2014

Pandora's Autumn '14 - Ring Collection*

Hi guys,

the last time I've become a rose gold girl (like maybe some of you too;)) and as this year the trend of the latest jewelry become more gold (BUT rose gold is still VERY popular)  - I'd like to show you the latest rings from the official Pandora Autumn '14 collection:
(Photo Credits: Pandora)

The latest Pandora rings are made with high end gold, sterling silver and sparkling stones , which will be a unique fashion accessoire for your OOTD!;) The zirconia gemstones are shining on the soft gold/sterling-silver rings (as well as on their bracelets, necklaces etc.) and also on the Bi-Color-Rings with 14k gold in the super cute and gorgeous heart shape (my fav' ring from the whole collection!;)).

You can wear each ring seperate as a statement or you could combine some of them - as the different shapes, shades and materials will allow you to create an unique fashion look and an eye-catcher on your hands!;)

For more informations feel free and visit Pandora on their official page

The Autumn '14 ring collection will be available from 28th of August 2014 

What would be your fav' from the latest Pandora ring Autumn '14 collection?!

Wish you a lovely afternoon!
(*non-paid PR Post)

Max Factor's Juicy Strawberry MOTD*

Hi guys;),

on Monday I've worn this awesome fruity inspired makeup (MOTD means "Makeup Of The Day" - for all of you, who have never heard it;)) and it also reminds me strongly on Minnie Mouse. I don't know, just let yourself inspired by "Juicy Strawberry" MOTD, which I've just create with Max Factor* products:

I've used plain white/pearl eyeshadow shades, red pink/coral shade blush as well as a red/rose lipstick to create this juicy look, which is perfect as well for the next fall/autumn months - as for us porcelain/ivory skin types, it's important to get a vibrant color to sparkle even more!;)

Well if you're (deep) tanned from the last summer vac' or even a darker skin shade - no matter, just use a darker pink/coral blush as well as a lighter lipstick shade to get the most of it & feel juicy!;)

To create the perfect glow' and vintage inspired cat eye - I've used Max Factor's Excess Intensity Longwear Eyeliner* (shade: 06 - deep brown) and made a thin eyeline on my upper eyelid, which I've ended up with a light wave - to create the perfect thin cat eye look!

I've natural blonde hair and as my eyebrows were always a bit darker and thick enough - I've not used any eyebrow pencil for this tutorial - to pay attention more on the eyemakeup and give this whole look a not toooo dramatic finish!

What I've used to create the "Juicy Strawberry" MOTD?:

Max Factor's Face Finity All Day Primer with SPF 20
Max Factor's CC Colour Correcting Cream in the shade 50 natural with SPF 10
Max Factor's 2000 Calorie Waterproof Volume Mascara in the shade 1 black
Max Factor's Colour Elixir Lipstick in the shade 894 raisin (a red/rose/brown pearly shade)
Max Factor's Flawless Perfection Blush in the shade 221 classic pink
Max Factor's Masterpiece Colour Precision Eyeshadow in the shade 5 pearl beige
Max Factor's Excess Intensity Longwear Eyeliner in the shade 06 deep brown
Max Factor's Wild Shadow Pot in the shade 101 Pale Pebble (a custard cream pearly shade)

As well I've used two of my latest fav' brushes from realTechniques:

buffing brush (for makeup/foundation/cream/primer), contour brush (for blushes/bronzers)
Available in their Core Collection brush kit online - HERE

I'm really happy with the result of this "Juicy Strawberry" MOTD idea and would really like to know, whether you'd like to re-make it as well and post it on your blog?! Or did you've worn such a makeup as well in the past?!

Wish you a lovely sunny Thursday & a great weekend!


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Clarisonic Mia 2 - Review*

Hi my beloved readers;),

it's been a longer time since I've wrote my last post - but unfortunately I've not (again) much time to blog and prepare or shoot for some new posts - well especially I'm currently in a BIG stressful time as well as quite sad, as my oldest brother died on 18th of August '14 and so I've not been in the mood to write as much posts! Also my oldest sister has visited us last week for almost 4 days - so the last week was soon over and I'm (again) sooooo sorry guys!

Well this shouldn't be just a "sorry I've NOT blogged the last days" post  - instead I'd really like to review and show you guys one of my latest facial beauty treatment secrets.

The Mia2 face brush* by Clarisonic is the perfect friend for each of us young ladies - who loves to pamper their facial skin as much as possible and to remove 100% makeup or any other dirtyness and avoid to get skin imperfections, dry skin or even aging!

The whole Clarisonic Mia2*  facial brush kit comes with the Mia2 brush, a pLink adapter, sensitive brush head, a sample of their own official Clarisonic facial wash (30ml) and a travel case, which should take care of your beloved Mia2 on all your adventures!;)

The brush head should be changed each 3th month (like your toothbrush!) as you WON'T clean your facial skin a year long (or maybe almost a year) with just one brush head - which could contain any death skin or other bacterial parts! 

That's really great - as you can choose from a wide range of different brushes:

In Germany/Austria: Deep Pore, Delicate, Sensitive, Normal

In which countries could I buy the Mia2 or other Clarisonic facial/body brushes?

149.00 € , £125.00, $ 149.00

My first impression/opinion about Clarisonic's Mia2:

I've been using the Mia2* now for almost 3 days and must say, that my facial skin is softer, cleaner and what's maybe the most important point - you save sooooo much of your fav' (gentle) facial cleanser, as you'll need just a really tiny small portion of it to blend it well into your face and gently cleanse it with low warm water (after you've cleaned your face with Mia2*!;)).

The Travel Case is pretty matte white and will be used by myself (I'm sure!) pretty much often! The Battery Indicator technology interest me maybe at most - it's pretty exciting how fast technology grow further!;) And the pale pastel Pink shade - it's one of my fav' shades on earth - you know it guys!;)

Did you've been using any Clarisonic facial/body brushes in the past or still use or bought it?!

Wish you all a great late night!;)


Friday, 15 August 2014

Red Rock Girl OOTD

Hi guys;),

it's cloudy, windy, not really warm as well as not really the best weather to go swimming outside in the pool - BUT I've been browsing through my latest OOTD pic's and though - today it's the best day to show you one of my latest fav' knitted sweater/jumper by Marc Lauge:

It's a really soft knitted rich (autumn;)) red sweater - which will suits perfectly to nice white classic pants or as well to white shorts (like I've been wearing;)) with a cool pair of brown leather boots (review)!

Marc Lauge creates such gorgeous high quality knittedwear as well as lovely jackets, jeans and tops!;) I've been overwhelmed after I've saw the huge variety of this fashion brand from Danmark!

What I've worn:

Knitted red sweater by Marc Lauge (similar)
White denim shorts by Mango
Brown Leather (western inspired) Ankle Boots by Tchibo (here)
On my lips - Max Factor's Colour Elixir Lipstick (shade: 715 Ruby Tuesday)

I've been inspired by some old classic country songs as well as the great Gran Canyon landscape right after the sun is shinin' the most and you see the beautiful red rocks!;)

Hope you've got a nice Friday and continue to stay brilliant on this weekend as well!;)


Max Factor's All Day Primer*

Hi everyone;),

this is a VERY emotional and special product review for myself!;) As I've got the unique chance to review and test out the latest makeup innovation by Max Factor and I'm in fact the first blogger in Austria! - who got the chance to receive a preview sample of this great new pre-makeup/Primer*!;)

It comes in the lovely typical (Face Finity range) Max Factor glass bottle (like their Face Finity All Day Flawless 3in1 foundation) with the golden labels and black pump closure (which you can close and open by switching the closure!).

The Facefinity All Day Primer* is white translucent with a creamy texture like your daily moisturizer and should protect your skin against the sun (contains SPF/LSF of 20) as well as should keep your facial skin matte and avoid excess oily parts (t-zone) as well as it uses flexi-hold technology, which means that your fav' foundation/makeup will stay an its own place for long flawless and perfect look for each skin types!

"Hand Primer Swatch" - Primer on the left side and without Primer on the right side:

How to apply:

Just apply the primer after you've completed your daily facial routine including applying your daily moisturiser and use your fingers or just a flat foundation brush and sweep it over your own T-zone.
GB: £10.99 (Boots, Superdrug)
as well as available in  DE, AT:  approx. 13.99 € (in each local drugstore/chemists) from September 2014!

 My opinion:
It's a really light, creamy and non grease primer, which perfectly suits as well other brands, so don't worry about, whether you've just to use the Face Finity All Day Flawless 3in1 foundation or other Max Factor foundations - as you can choose as well your fav' from different brands!;)
I'll soon show you some lovely and simple looks - where I'll use as well the The Facefinity All Day Primer to complete and create the extra flawless finish!

Wish you guys a wonderful Friday & Weekend!;)


Thursday, 14 August 2014

"Especially For You" - Makeup Look*

Hi guys;),

the last days as I've mentioned in one of my latest makeup tutorial posts (Here) - I've been trying out a quite lot of new Max Factor products - which grown my own creativity a bit more than I though:

This is a really neutral soft powdery look - which would suit each (young) girl of us for special dates;), daily casual "brighten-up" look as well as for the warm sunny days during August as well!;)

I've NOT used any mascara (but if your lashes aren't too long, thick or dark enough to be visible - you know it depends on the condition and type of lashes you've natural) for this look - to avoid a "dramatic" darker touch to this really pale pink soft powdery look - it  should be soft as possible to get the effect of the lovely soft pastel face, which was especially worn by young teenage girls and romantic ones during the 80s!

"Especially For You" is as well the song sang by Kylie Minogue (it's on her Album "Enjoy Yourself" 1989 - one of my fav' albums from her!;)) and this song inspired me to create such a fluffy powdery face!;)

What I've used to create it:

Would you wear such powdery pale pink shades on your face to create such a very feminine and 80s inspired look?!

More informations on Max Factor guys!;)

Wish you a wonderful Thursday!