Monday, 7 July 2014

#SUN6: Packing for BRIGHTON

Hi everyone;),

as it's finally REALLY Summer and vac' time I'm soooo happy to fly tomorrow to the UK and spend 10 lovely days in Brighton (as well I'll try to visit some great places in London - where I've been almost 5 years ago!;)).

My trolley:

I've already packed my handbag as well as my red travel trolley (like I love to say;)) and just need some few things and check it until tomorrow morning! - So planing and organizing time is TOTALLY over and know I'm already excited about what I'll see and escape or learn something new while my stay in the Brighton/UK!;)

In this post I've wanted just to share with you guys some of my packing pic's (the kinda same post like I've made before I went to NYC Body Care, First Aid Kit, Clothes, Handbag - it's a kind of diary for myself as well;)!):
My Body/Facial Care:

I've really just packed that - what I'll need there, hopefully a Sunscreen (I'm thinking that one by Ateia* with SPF/LSF 30 is for Brighton enough - But for my face I've a 50+, 60 anyway;)), an After-Sun Lotion, a small Nivea In-Shower-Bodylotion with Honey and Milk*, my beloved ZARA Perfume "Nuit", a small hairspray by wellaflex "Form & Finish Ultra Strong"*, Bel Cotton Pads premoistened with oil and vitamine E to remove all eye makeup efficiently, Balea After Sun Shower Gel, alverde natural/organic cosmetics Family Shampoo Apple & Papaya Fruit, Re-Used small Dr. Bronner Liquid Castille Soap bottle and filled in my gentle facial wash from Whole Foods.
My Make-Up:

As Brighton is located by the sea - I've tried to keep my make-up list quite natural, beachy and light! 

Which means, instead of a thick coverage, I'll wear rather a light one, which I'll create with a BB or tinted moisturizer like the one from Olaz essentials "Complete Plus Touch of Foundation SPF/LSF 15 for light skin types", to avoid taking with me a massive amount of different blushes or bronzers I just need the elf cosmetics contouring Blush  & Bronzer, as well I'll need 3 different Brushes - for powder, blush and eyeshadow, an fluid eyeliner, a mascara by Lavera*, a sparklin' mint eyeliner for lovely beachy eye makeup looks,  a great 4-eyeshadow-palette by Catrice for creating wonderful summer makeup and two other nude eyeshadows by Max Factor* and 100% Pure* as well as a powder by Dr. Hauschka* to fix the look and for my toes and nails I'll need a great pink shaded nail polish by FACE Stockholm*!

My Handbag:

That's a "bird" view in my transparent plastic bag, which I'm taking with me on board/at plane;).

And here's what's inside:

Well as I'm lip product addicted (just found out - seriously;)) I'm taking a lip balm with SPF/LSF 30 by Sun, a lip balm with SPF/LSF 30 by Avene (wow to with SPF 30 - well the one by Sun smells after a tropical mix and the one by Avene is high-end and has great ingredients!;))

1 lipgloss in a bright pink shade by Max Factor*, a small tube of tinted sunscreen for sensitive areas on your face with a SPF/LSF of 50+ by Avene*, a Sunstick/Facestick for Babies or me;) with SPF/LSF of 60 by Harmon Discount, a hand anti-bacterial transparent refreshing and lovely sea breeze scented gel by Bath & Body Works (umg finally my last one - all other are finished!;(), a small tiny bottle of Nivea's satin sensation 48h longlasting deo* (which contains Aluminium BUT I don't have any other in such a cute small size guys!))

A tinted lipbalm with peppermint extract and pomegranate extract by 100% Pure* and finally ladies and gentleman a face powder (unfortunately GOSH's BB Powder* is finished yet so I'll take the Dr. Hauschka* with me).

My Tickets, Passport, Wallet and other papers:

I've learned that an older mobile phone is even BETTER than to take your latest one with you - as if something got missed or broken it's NOT such a tragedy ad all!;)

My 2014 Diary, London Travelbook, white IPad Mini with Retina Display (for mails, maps etc.:)):

Marco Polo creates the maybe BEST travel guides on earth guys!;) I'm totally addicted to read all of them and would like to escape the whole earth just in one day after I read some of their guides, which are beautiful illustrated as well as good discribed and they've got great ideas and trip guidelines! - I've a good collection of their guides in my own book shelf!;)

I've found as well on Youtube some great vid's about Brighton - that was a kind of inspiration for myself to spent a time and my summer vacation there as well!;)

Seems to be a lovely place there and can't wait to visit and arrive there tomorrow!;)

For more information about Brighton visit their official tourist page (HERE) or their official page (HERE).

As well as their official Brighton Pier page!;)

Or their official local newspaper "TheArgus";)

Where did you've planed your summer vacation?! Are you from Brighton or London and would you like to meet-up each other?!;)

Let me know that in your comments - I'd be soooo happy to get to know some of you guys!;)


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