Sunday, 27 July 2014

Labello's Fruity Lip Butter Collection*

Hi everyone,

as I'm such a lipbalm/lip butter addicted person;) I've really enjoyed to try out the latest 2 Lip Butters by Labello:

 Labello Lip Butter Coconut & Labello Lip Butter Blueberry Blush

1. Labello Lip Butter Coconut:

This one smells like pure fresh coconut with a creamy undertone - the scent is just amazing, I love such tropical flavors and to smell it reminds me promptly on some of my best summer holidays!;)

Well the texture is creamy and melts perfectly on your finger tips and lips without leaving any greasy feeling and absorbs really fast with leaving the deep and rich coconut feeling.

Well it's the best of all Lipbutters  by Labello I've tried out yet and I'll definitely recommend it to you if you're such a coconut and tropical lover like me and if you need a bit more moisture and softness to your beloved lips!;)

2. Labello Lip Butter Blueberry Blush:

This one called "Blueberry Blush" reminds me totally on my childhood and especially on lovely summer camp weeks - where I've been really often outside - playing in the near forest and pick some fresh wild Blueberries and after I've returned back to the camp/our small rented vac' wooden cottage - I've eaten them with milk!

So the scent and as well the shade of this Lip Butter reminds me on fresh Wild Blueberries with Milk and Sugar!

I'm not really a berry lover , especially if it comes to beauty/cosmetic products BUT this one isn't the typical chemical and "fake" fresh Blueberry & Milk scent - it's REALLY identically to the original scent!

So if you'd like to try out some more fruity and berry scented lip butters/balms - try this one out and let me know, how you'd describe this scent!;)

Labello Lip Butters:

Labello Lip Butters are available in (Germany&Austria):

There are in some other countries as well available these 2 scents/flavors:

I've been always lip butter addicted and so I'm happy to have these 2 latest Labello Lip Butters as well in my HUGE collection - as I'll definitely use them (otherwise I would give them away as a gift to my sis' or someone else - as you know there are some samples & products which aren't really my thing and I couldn't be as much honest as someone who really loves or likes a special product!).

The latest 2 Labello Lip Butters will be available in each drugstore/supermarket from August 2014 for approx. 2.49€ (19ml tin)

For more information about Labello/Labello Lipbutters feel free to visit their international page to choose your local/country page: HERE!

Wish you a lovely weekend and Sunday afternoon!


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