Sunday, 6 July 2014

#LABELLO: 6th July the KISS DAY!*

Hi everyone;),

it's sooooo lovely today, the sun is shining, I'm packing for my vacation/holidays (one of my next posts - keep reading!;)) and as it's the 6th of July - the Day of Kisses. I though to to show you my absolutely fav' fruit scented lip balms by Labello*:

Since I've been a little girl I've used a lip balm (especially the rose scented was my fav' - I tried as well to eat it - BUT well I've survived!;)) not just to moisturized my lips BUT as well as I've always adored to smell the different fruit/flower scents and it was a kind of first lip makeup for myself to be honest!;)

But anyway these 5 fruit scented lip balms by Labello with a SPF/LSF of 10 (I think all of them have a small portion of sunscreen inside) have a really real scent after the different fruits - the peach one smells to be honest like the Robbie Bubble Peach Fizz for Kids or the Watermelon is sooo juicy and mouth-watering!;)

From left to right:

Labello Fruit Shine Strawberry (sweet and intensive straw' scent)
Labello Fruit Shine Pink Guava (unique scent and tropical)
Labello Fruit Shine Watermelon (mouth watering, juicy and like real watermelon)
Labello Fruit Shine Peach (like freshly ripped peaches or like Robbie Bubble Fizz)
Labello Vitamin Shake Acai & Wild Apple (like a fruit smoothie)

I probably would recommend this lip balms if you're having a date with your BF/husband or just if you're going outside on the beach or for a walk - they creates a lovely lip shade and keep your lips pampered!

What's your fav' lip balm/Labello scent?!

Wish you a bright and sunny Sunday!;)


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